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Enforcer V11, Pyronix all-in-one security solution

by Geny Caloisi
Pyronix has launched an all-in-one security solution, the Enforcer V11, with AndroidTablet, HomeControlHUB app and SmartPlug.

Incorporating security, automation and video in one platform, conveniently accessed via the tablet interface, the Enforcer V11 is designed to provide security and control for homes and businesses.

Enforcer V11 works via the HomeControlHUB app and is compatible with Pyronix AndroidTablet, available through distribution.

The Enforcer V11 expands and enhances system application capabilities, with a range of new features to cover varied installation requirements. This includes unsupervised zones to deliver car, van and caravan coverage, adding security peripherals for additional peace of mind when parked outside the property.

The new SmartPlug allows installers to upsell by entering the smart home market. The SmatPlug provides smart home integration managing any plug-in appliance at the touch of the AndroidTablet’s screen via the HomeControlHUB app. Through the hub, all cameras and security are also available to access their cameras and security.

The AndroidTablet not only allows users to surf the web but also open the HomeControlHUB app (available to download from the Google Play Store) for complete control of the Enforcer V11 from the touchscreen keypad display.

The interface pulls the installer’s branding from their PyronixCloud account to deliver a consistent, uniform and professional system throughout, including a quick share option for users to send installer details to friends and family.

The installer can use the interface as a portable keypad on maintenance visits. The ProControl+ accounts can be connected to pull other Hikvision/Pyronix cameras on the property into view via HomeControlHUB.

Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Manager, said, “Changing user requirements means we need to evolve constantly. The innovations of the Enforcer V11 make it the most flexible solution we’ve ever released to the market.”

He continued: “This marks a significant milestone in the development of the Enforcer system; a complete one-platform solution that protects the property, its occupants, the perimeter, vans, caravans, elderly relatives and much more, while also providing access to camera streams and controlling smart devices around the home.

“The capabilities aren’t going to stop here either, as we’re continuously working on innovations that are going to continue to extend the solution moving forward.”

With Wi-Fi communications built onboard the PCB, the Enforcer V11 can also communicate on multiple paths for simultaneous messaging to an ARC and app via separate paths, maximising coverage for complete peace of mind. Installation is enhanced with a WPS button; pairing the panel with the router can be done with the push of a button.

Plug into the potential and extend the security offering with the Enforcer V11, AndroidTablet, HomeControlHUB app and SmartPlug. Your all-in-one security platform.

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