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Enhance Your Security with System Q’s Advanced Zip IP CCTV Kit

by Geny Caloisi

Zip IP CCTV Kit is one of System Q’s top-selling security products. The NiteDevil camera and Zip NVR are developed under System Q’s Zip brand, which offers a variety of benefits for security installers. With strong market performance, these kits are designed to meet modern security demands with advanced technology and user-friendly features.

Installers looking for reliable and advanced security solutions should consider this kit for its proven track record and robust feature set.

System Q’s website allows customers to mix and match their IP CCTV options, making it easy to build a customised security solution. This three-step process involves choosing a base kit, selecting connectivity options, and adding desired products, offering a tailored approach to meet specific security needs.

The Zip IP CCTV kits are easy to install. The plug-and-play setup allows cameras to be powered directly from the NVR. This setup is facilitated by pre-made leads or an easy-to-make lead kit, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. The kits come in various channel options, including 4, 8, or 16 channels, and can accommodate 2, 4, or 8 cameras in either white or black, depending on specific requirements.

Key features of the Zip IP CCTV Kit

Advanced AI Capabilities: The Zip NiteDevil camera and Zip NVR include person and vehicle detection, which minimises false alarms by ensuring that only relevant events trigger alerts. The AI capabilities extend to face recognition, enhancing the security measures provided by the system.

Ease of Installation: The kits are designed for easy installation with a plug-and-play setup. Cameras are powered directly from the NVR using pre-made leads or an easy-to-build lead kit, simplifying the installation process. This user-friendly approach makes it straightforward to set up and manage the system.

Flexible Configuration: The kits offer flexibility with multiple channel options (4, 8, or 16) and can accommodate various combinations of white or black cameras. This customisation allows installers to tailor the system to specific security needs.
High-Quality Imaging: Featuring the latest NiteDevil® chip-set, the cameras provide full-colour visuals 24/7, even in low-light conditions. This ensures high-quality surveillance footage around the clock.

Two-Way Audio and Pre-Recorded Messages: The cameras support two-way audio, allowing sound recording and communication through an integrated speaker. The NVR can play pre-recorded messages through the cameras when an event is triggered, effectively deterring intruders.

Sturdy Design: The cameras are housed in anti-tamper metal cases, ensuring durability and resistance to tampering.
YouTube Live Streaming: The NVR includes a YouTube live streaming capability, which allows live events or other occasions to be broadcast to a virtual audience.

An example of how the Zip IP CCTV Kit can be utilised for instance in a warehouse is through its AI-driven capabilities. The kit, which includes four Zip NiteDevil cameras and a Zip NVR, also comes with a Perimeter Intrusion alert, effectively securing the premises against unauthorised visitors. People Recognition and Counting also provide accurate occupancy data, enabling monitoring of expected visitors, such as deliveries or customers. The AI Auto Vehicle Recognition ensures selective access control by granting entry to recognised drivers or by facilitating the necessary checks.

For instance, the advanced detection technology can trigger specific actions, such as playing a pre-recorded message to deter an intruder detected by the system. This application highlights the practical benefits of integrating AI into security systems, showcasing how the kit can be used effectively in real-world scenarios.

The Zip IP CCTV Kit from System Q is a comprehensive, advanced, and user-friendly solution for security installers seeking reliable and versatile surveillance systems.

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