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Enhanced GUI for SPC Connect

by Benchmark

Vanderbilt has released the latest version of SPC Connect, the remotely managed, cloud-based, intrusion detection solution. Version, 3.0 includes an entirely reworked user interface and focuses on more intuitive user operations.

‘With this release, we believe that the evolution of SPC Connect has reached a new level,” stated Alexander Scheffold, Product Manager at Vanderbilt. ‘One of Vanderbilt’s targets is to provide state-of-the-art intrusion systems to our customers with a wide range of advantages. In our view, SPC Connect 3.0 ticks all of these boxes.’

Through this release, collected information is now visible to the installer and enables them to have an overview of the installed SPC systems out in the field. Dashboard widgets include a geographical site map with status information from individual panels, or a multisite status update showing the overall status information from all connected SPC panels. These enhance the usability and the decision-making workflow.

A new centralised operations menu allows the installer to more intuitively navigate specific operations. SPC Connect 3.0 has a completely reworked user interface that allows a faster overview of the installed SPC base.

The greater visibility for installers includes an intuitive operations menu with all available operations on different levels, such as site level, multi-site level, and company administrator level.
The dashboard contains interactive widgets that allow installers to create customised views, so they can quickly and clearly see the information they personally need to execute their daily needs more efficiently.

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