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Enhanced Management for Alarm Installers

by Benchmark

Flexible, functional and intuitive Apps can play a significant role in enhancing the user experience when it comes to intruder alarm systems. They allow the customer to confidently take control of their system, finding unambiguous information about what is happening at their site. Alarm updates, communications and status changes can all be delivered to the mobile device in a format they can understand. This ensures they can take any necessary steps when they receive actionable information.

The Texecom Connect App offers a wide range of benefits for installers as well as for the end customer. Installers can set-up and manage Apps for all users on a Premier Elite system via the Texecom Cloud. A free-of-charge Cloud account and a free Texecom Connect App management contract are all that is needed.

However, additional benefits can be realised if the installer has a higher level Texecom Cloud subscription.

One immediate benefit is the ability to brand the App. This ensures your company branding, including contact details and logo, are displayed every time the user opens the App. This not only enforces brand loyalty, but many sales of new systems are driven by recommendation. If a user is seeking a security system and one of your customers shows them how the App works, it can form a powerful marketing message which will win you new contracts.

In security, arguably more than many other technology sectors, trust is a key element when selecting a partner. By having a reliable and flexible App branded to your company’s identity, it sends a powerful message about how seriously you take their security.

Ensuring customers take maintenance contracts is always a struggle, especially if the user doesn’t see the full value in such a service. By offering the use of the App as a benefit to ongoing maintenance contracts, the customer sees an everyday value. If they cancel the contract, the installer can disable the App via the Texecom Cloud. The user can still control their system via the keypad, but the added value inherent in the App is lost.

The Texecom Connect App is a powerful tool, and can play a role in ensuring your customers receive a higher level of service and enhanced security.


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