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Enhanced Video Data Management

by Benchmark

Synectics’ latest release of the Synergy software platform enables organisations to monitor and manage increasing volumes of critical real-time data across surveillance and security networks.

New features such as enhanced mapping, system configuration and edge recording can save time, money and resources while enhancing safety and security operations. Combined with integrations to video analytics technologies, and safeguarding capabilities to ensure compliance with data protection laws, Synergy helps users navigate ‘new normal’ conditions.

Synergy’s next-generation mapping engine ensures greater control with visibility of real-time events. Operators can navigate to the location and status of any situation, enabling them to quickly coordinate any necessary response.

Synergy Maps present system, operational and third-party device information. This is displayed as viewable data with icons, groupings and interactive points shown within an uncluttered design which is easy to understand, navigate and interrogate.

The mapping user interface allows operators to use multiple formats including vector maps, CAD and GIS. The dynamic approach is ideal for customers who need a high degree of flexibility to efficiently monitor diverse areas, assets and operations across large estates or multiple sites.

To aid rapid troubleshooting, business planning and system asset control, Synergy’s Asset Register provides an accurate assessment of the configuration, licensing and version information for hardware and software components.

Synectics Intelligent Edge Recording adds value when combined with other products. It mitigates the risk of footage loss by using in-built camera memory to store a cache of video footage, only writing to the SD card if the camera cannot connect to networked storage hardware. Synergy’s backfilling functionality automatically captures data and restores it to the server once available.

In addition to ensuring uninterrupted footage, this recording configuration avoids potential issues such as SD card malfunction or data loss due to overwriting. Furthermore, it means users do not have the expense or disruption of replacing SD cards every year.

The latest version offers enhanced integrations that provide new ways to leverage the benefits of facial recognition and data analytics. These support customers who need to adapt and implement approaches that allow them to operate efficiently and safely.

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