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Enhancing Benefits with Smart Integration

by Benchmark

Integrating Diverse Solutions

The growth in demand from end users for an enhanced return on security investments has seen the importance of added value benefits such as building management, business intelligence and the management of peripheral systems become of greater importance for many integrators and installers. The challenge can be bringing diverse systems together to act as a single unified solution.


Increasing RoI with Energy Management

For many end users, the benefit of implementing a smart solution is a boost to the overall return on investment. While crime prevention is the ultimate goal, any additional benefits from the system which introduce efficiencies can help with regards to authorising the contract.


Increasing Success with Expanded Integrations

Increasingly, end users are seeking and investing in solutions which not only deliver credible and robust security functionality, but also ensure added value can be realised. With demand for greater levels of flexibility on the rise, it is no longer enough for a security solution to only offer protection for people and assets. While this will remain the core reason for specifying such a solution, integrators must be able to offer additional benefits to end users.



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