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Enhancing the Power of Video Search

by Benchmark

A Proactive Approach to Video Search

Video surveillance can capture significant levels of critical information, but unless that information can be quickly and efficiently accessed, customers’ investments in surveillance will often fall short in terms of the expected returns. Searching video accurately and effectively has always been a challenge, but adopting technologies such as Avigilon’s Appearance Search makes a difference.


Avigilon’s Appearance Search Assessed

Surveillance systems are capable of capturing high quality images, providing end users with critical data when incidents occur. However, many solutions struggle when the end user needs to urgently access that information. Searching video effectively is vital, and a smart solution is Avigilon Appearance Search. Benchmark assessed the technology to see what it delivers.


Adding Value with Smart Search Options

In recent articles, Benchmark has considered the business case for the deployment of smart search solutions, and has assessed the performance of Avigilon Appearance Search to see what it offers system integrators and security installers. In the final article addressing smart search solutions, we consider the benefits for end users.


Video: Finding a Vehicle and Driver

Avigilon Appearance Search adds a number of benefits to a surveillance system that increase the value and RoI for the user. This video shows how system operators can quickly and efficiently track a vehicle, but also identify and locate footage of its driver, all with a few mouse clicks. This ensures that the system is both effective and credible in event scenarios.


Video: Locating a Target in a Left Object Scenario

Avigilon Appearance Search adds a number of benefits to a surveillance system. This video shows how the person who left an object in a secure area can be quickly tracked down using the technology, enabling operators to take quick and effective action when an event occurs.



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