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Evidian SafeKit – Redundancy and High Availability

by Benchmark Magazine

SafeKit ensures high availability and redundancy for critical applications such as video surveillance, access control, and building management. The solution is easily deployed without specific skill requirements, and is used globally by hundreds of resellers, system integrators, and software editors.

What is SafeKit?

SafeKit is an all-in-one offer from Evidian that ensures business continuity between two nodes with a purely software solution. SafeKit runs on Windows and Linux and eliminates the need for shared disks and database enterprise editions. This easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solution does not require any specialized computer or software training.

What are the target markets?

This platform agnostic solution can be seamlessly applied to critical applications in a broad range of industries such as manufacturing, transport, telecom, healthcare and finance. Its ease-of-use and adaptability makes it perfect for any company deploying a critical application in a vertical market, or those searching for a simple high availability solution that will work with their applications. SafeKit is the ideal solution for software publishers, resellers and distributors.

Why choose SafeKit?

  • Microsoft or Linux clustering is too complex
  • Shared disks on a SAN, network load balancers, enterprise editions for database replication are too expensive
  • You need real-time synchronous replication with no data loss on failure contrary to asynchronous replication
  • You need automatic failover and failback
  • You need an agnostic high availability solution that works with physical machines, virtual machines and public cloud infrastructure

What are the benefits of SafeKit?

  • Delivered with preconfigured application modules for Milestone, Genetec, Nedap, Hanwha Wisenet, Siemens Siveillance suite, Desigo CC, Bosch Security and Safety Systems, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Firebird…
  • Open to any application with configurable restart scripts, real-time folder replication, virtual IP address
  • Replication and automatic failover of complete virtual machines under Hyper-V or KVM without restart scripts to write
  • Open to Docker and Kubernetes applications

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