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EVVA: AirKey

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Advances in access control have seen an increase in the use of digital keys implemented via smartphone and mobile apps to enable authorised users to gain access to remote sites.This offers a high degree of flexibility whilst also preserving security. One example is AirKey from EVVA.

What is it?

AirKey is an access control digital key system which allows users to transmit secure keys to any user’s smartphone. Authorised users receive an SMS message which includes the digital key, transmitted using end-to end encryption. This not only allows a temporary digital key to be delivered, but added geotagging functionality ensures the smartphone ‘knows’ where system components are located and can offer directions via a navigation app.

To ensure compatibility with most popular mobile devices, the AirKey system can support both NFC (near field communication) and BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technologies.

The AirKey app complements AirKey online administration, managing authorisations to allow specific smartphones to be used as a digital key. It also allows the use of smartphones as coding stations to update AirKey locking components and identification media. The AirKey cylinder incorporates an integrated secure element for data storage.

How does it work?

Users simply download the AirKey app to their smartphones and when they receive a registration code from the system controller via SMS, this is entered into the application. The digital key can then be utilised to gain entry.

The app is secured via use of a PIN. Two-factor authentication can be used to increase security levels by combining the PIN code with a screen lock function such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

The smartphone can be used as a hands-free credential with adjustable read range. This is a simple process and is carried out at the reader.

What about data protection?

Data protection is a significant concern for all end users, and AirKey has been designed to meet today’s data protection requirements and EVVA states that the system will be compliant with the forthcoming GDPR guidelines which will be introduced as the European data protection directive in May 2018.

AirKey was developed to deliver data-protection-friendly access control, and the design team was supported by certified data protection expert Christof Tschohl.


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