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Facit Data helps King’s College Hospital to comply with DSAR

by Geny Caloisi

King’s College Hospital recently decided to use FacitData’s Identity Cloak redaction software to assist in managing the video data subject access requests (DSARs) received from patients. The healthcare sector has seen a steady increase in DSARs. 

King’s College Hospital is one of London’s largest and busiest teaching hospitals. With its progressive approach, the hospital was keen on completing all DSARs and complying with the policies and procedures for protecting personal data without depleting valuable budgets or wasting expert resources on tedious administrative tasks to remain current. The hospital chose FacitData’s Identity Cloak as its redaction tool.

Ian Taylor, Head of Security, highlights the fact that “the application sits within our own network, which ensures that the Trust’s video never leaves our own secure environment, rather than having to place our video in the Cloud, which was an issue here at the Trust.”

He added: “The multi-mode options give us flexibility and enable us to ensure that we provide the correct video output for each specific request we receive.”

Identity Cloak multi-mode is a function that enables operators to choose how they process redaction. Options include starting the process by redacting all or none of the people in a video, revealing the subject(s) of interest, anonymising third parties, or applying blur on the video to select areas to remain clear.

The latest Identity Cloak upgrade includes audio capture, which enables King’s to process body-worn devices through the application. The addition of audio adds a layer of evidence that can provide context and additional facts about how situations develop and unfold.

Taylor says, “When we place a video in the application, it automatically redacts all the individuals within it, which saves the operator significant time in preparing the final output. 

“The Facit support team is a reliable and effective partner to me and the Trust. The product does what it says it does, and Facit continues to develop it after listening to our feedback. We are completely satisfied with our choice.”

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