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Genetec launches AutoVu Sharpz3

by Benchmark

Genetec has announced the immediate availability of its next-generation mobile number plate recognition system. The AutoVu SharpZ3 goes beyond traditional number plate identification and brings new levels of insight in vehicle analytics, situational awareness, and accuracy.

Suited to meet the needs of parking managers who use mobile ANPR as part of enforcement activities, the SharpZ3 can track different vehicle (car, van, truck, bus, motorcycle, etc.) in parking areas or around sites, and analyse the mix of vehicle types over time.

For users who use mobile ANPR to aid investigations, the SharpZ3 allows patrols to flag vehicles based on vehicle type and colour where no number plate was identified by a witness.

‘Traditional ANPR systems solve parking and law enforcement challenges,’ stated Stephan Kaiser, AutoVu General Manager at Genetec. ‘The SharpZ3 tackles emerging problems that are not served by current technology, helping customers gain new insights into the types of vehicles in their site.’

The AutoVu SharpZ3 makes use of Intel’s machine learning and computer vision technology, and by utilising a third optical sensor can accurately capture multiple plate designs. The extra sensor also allows more precise positioning of vehicle data on maps to provide precise occupancy data.

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