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Getting Hands-on with Paxton’s Free Installer Training

by Benchmark Magazine

What is it like on a Paxton installer training course, and is it worth attending? Benchmark was invited along to join in with a group of installers at a recent session.

Given the constantly developing nature of technology, product training is an essential component of the security installer’s career development path. Many see training as a perk of the job, and while it may mean a day or two off the tools, it represents a long-term benefit. For the employer, training is also worthwhile in the form of a competitive edge when it comes to contract tenders.

There are a number of options for those looking to empower their engineers with the latest knowledge and system skills; however, if there is a specific technology that requires training, then often the company that developed and brought the product to market is the ideal source. This kind of training helps in both ways; the engineer talks to the people that are the closest to the equipment, and the manufacturer gets to speak to the installers who will be regularly working with the kit. It’s a win-win.

So, what kind of thing goes on at a typical technology manufacturer training day? Benchmark Magazine sat in on a Paxton training session to find out how the days are structured and how the knowledge is delivered.


Course of action

The training took place in a spacious room at the Paxton Technology Centre, which is next door to their Brighton HQ. Andy Waller, Paxton’s UK Training Manager, with 15 years of experience at Paxton under his belt, introduced himself as the instructor, and we were accompanied by a range of engineers from differing backgrounds; two were very experienced engineers from NilocSystems doing a refresher, two were super switched-on young locksmiths wanting to expand their business to offer security solutions.

The session we were attending was the Paxton10 Advanced course. For those taking their first steps with the technology, Paxton10 Essential is the ideal place to start. However, Andy began our day with a re-cap for those a little rusty on the basics.

Paxton10 is an online access control and video management solution that provides a holistic approach to building management. Cameras, smart credentials and feature-rich software connected to the network create the Paxton10 system. Accessible from any smart device with an internet connection, the software allows users to remotely manage and monitor any site’s security. It is scalable to up to 100 sites on a single server with up to 1,000 doors, 1,000 cameras and 50,000 users.


Making training relevant

As Andy walked us through the clearly designed presentation, he continuously asked for feedback and participation from those present so that the training was not one-sided. Interactive tests checked that we were paying attention and that there were hands-on exercises throughout the day!

He also demonstrated live on the actual software, so we could see how he navigated it. During the training, we were walked through the system and network requirements. The software has an auto detect and plug-and-play function, which makes it really easy to navigate. On the hands-on part of the training, groups of two had access to a kit with all the equipment required to test the skills just discussed, transferring the theory into practice.

We learned how to install and commission access control and video equipment in Paxton10. By the end of the morning, we knew how to configure the software’s access control functionality and camera features.

Everyone present enjoyed the hands-on experience. All participants took no time to connect cameras and door locks and find them in the system, which indicated that the close, step-by-step approach to the training resonated with the engineers and delivered the information and practical knowledge they were hoping for.

Certainly, the messages from those in attendance were extremely positive with opinions including “we liked that we had access to all of the technology we were talking about”, “there was no sales pitch like you get from some courses” and “I really recommend anyone using Paxton10 to take advantage of these training days.”

What are you waiting for? Sign up now for a Paxton training session at https://www.paxton-access.com/training/

In 2022 Paxton delivered 550 training sessions to nearly 3,000 installers in the UK. All of Paxton’s training is free to attend and gives installers a chance to try out the technology and hear about it – a no-brainer for anyone wanting to up-skill themselves or people within their company.

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