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Handheld tracking devices go virtual on Android mobile app

by Benchmark Magazine

Mobile phones are today an essential tool for most people, particularly for patrol staff and lone workers.

To ensure quick responses, cost savings for employers and convenience for employees, Guard Tour, the Lancashire-based patrol safety and security solutions provider, has launched a new mobile app, ‘Active Track App.’

The new app brings together all of the security benefits of the EBS Active Track system without having to incur the recurring monthly costs of hiring the handheld tracking device. Some of the app key features are GPS tracking in real-time, two-way communication, panic and man-down functions, and live alerts.

“We’ve seen a marked increase in demand for mobile-friendly solutions for the last few years,” says Mark Parry, Managing Director at Guard Tour. “We recognise that not every workforce will require robust hardware in the form of the Active Track device, nor does every company have the budget to set aside for such an investment. Our new app provides a cost-effective and convenient solution without compromising on features and functionality.”

The mobile app allows employees to stay informed on the movements of any patrol worker in real-time. With the communication features, the control room can make direct contact with any lone worker, whether that be to inform them of any missed patrol points or to provide reassurance that assistance is on the way should the panic button be activated.

“Our priority when developing the new app is to offer a flexible solution for every workforce. The app is fully compatible with Android operating systems. It also operates with the same software as the Active Track device, allowing clients to integrate it into their existing guard tour system. A client might choose to issue the more durable handsets for some patrols, with the option to use the mobile app for patrols where there is less risk of damage to the device.”


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