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Hanwell upgrades EMS platform

by Benchmark

A comprehensive software platform that provides critical safeguards against compromised environmental conditions to avoid spoilage for sectors such as food, heritage, pharmaceuticals and healthcare has been upgraded by Hanwell Solutions to further improve performance for customers.

Hanwell has launched version 1.0.10 of its EMS software, which now includes auto-scaled overlay of all sensors in a zone on charts. EMS has been developed by the British manufacturer’s specialist software engineers to interface seamlessly with Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy environmental monitoring solutions, in an industry-leading hardware/software combination that frees up staff time and eliminates errors by minimising or even removing manual checking processes.

Designed to offer maximum flexibility, the EMS platform provides peace of mind for companies seeking environmental monitoring solutions by improving speed of preventative action with immediate email and SMS alarms if pre-set parameters are breached. It offers enhanced control of data and events via cloud- or server-based configurations.

Interactive graphs, tables and plan views enable multiple users to easily analyse data in multiple ways from multiple sites.

Further improvements to the software range from animated alarm display for quick identification of type of alarm per sensor to an RH/T band frequency analysis chart with user set band sizes, a Conset sensor control state column for live viewing, an Analyse Dew Point and Absolute Humidity on RH/T graphs, plus an EMS Mobile APP installer as well as support for RL4000 Thermocouple sensors.

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