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An increasing number of end users at higher risk sites are seeking the earliest possible warning of intrusion from their security systems. Where sites cover large areas with lengthy perimeters, the complexity of solutions can be an issue for operators. HGH offers CYCLOPE Hypervisor, a software-based GUI designed to simplify the management of more advanced solutions.

With the ever evolving threat landscape faced by many commercial and industrial sites today, the concept of wide area surveillance has never been more critical. If large and open sites are at risk of multiple intrusions, it is important that security teams and the relevant authorities are alerted to any incidents as quickly as possible. Often, an early warning is the best way to ensure effective actions are taken, and any potential delay can lead to an incident developing and becoming serious for all concerned.

Sites which represent significant challenges for integrators and installers include critical infrastructure sites, prisons, ports and maritime facilities, airports and airfields, remote utility plants, border areas, etc.. The combination of large areas and lengthy perimeters makes protection costly and difficult to implement, which can be an issue given the need for reliable and robust protection.

With the nature of threats against such sites evolving, many end users are seeking solutions that deliver a credible level of protection. As a result, integrators and installers need to get things right at the first time of asking, and so a seamless and proven method of detection and tracking is essential. However, because of the scale of such systems, it is also critical that the full solution offers easy interaction for operators and security teams.

HGH Infrared Systems offers the Spynel range of 360 degree infrared sensors, and these make use of the CYCLOPE automatic detection software. Now the company offers CYCLOPE Hypervisor, a software GUI that enables remote management and supervision of devices across a wide area site or multiple applications, from a single operator-friendly display.

What is it?

CYCLOPE Hypervisor is an enhanced software package which makes use of the functionality inherent in the CYCLOPE automatic intrusion detection software which is provided with the manufacturer’s SPYNEL 360-degree IR security cameras. A GUI designed to offer a centralised management tool for distributed sites, CYCLOPE Hypervisor centralises all data from the security sensors over a common network to offer a global geolocation-based interface to enable supervision of all tracked incidents.

CYCLOPE Hypervisor provides a remote situational awareness tool which is ideal for use in large critical infrastructure applications with complex security architecture, including multiple Spynel sensors located on one or several sites.

All detected threats are listed and shown with geolocation data on maps. These are displayed on a single screen, allowing a more efficient operator experience for wide area security, even where a minimal number of security staff are deployed.

By merging relevant information from various security and associated devices, such as SPYNEL cameras, radar sensors, automatic identification systems and other critical data sources, CYCLOPE Hypervisor enables early warning of security breaches for faster and more effective reactions from security teams and legal authorities.

Features and functions

CYCLOPE Hypervisor automatically detects and connects to any CYCLOPE workstations and centralises all relevant data to ensure the operator has full situational awareness when an incident occurs.

Collected information includes geolocation data related to all threats and connected sensors on vector smart maps or customised local maps. This assists remote operators who may not be familiar with all sites. Each map can be automatically centered on a selected Spynel sensor. This ensures that a focus can be maintained on areas of interest without the operator understanding the site layout.

Data can be displayed in a tabular format, listing the most recently detected events, with information such as the incident ID, location and a system-accurate time-stamp. Threat properties can include infrared thumbnails of any activity, along with location and time information.

Customisable bookmarks can be quickly and easily created, enabling rapid investigations and assessments of relevant data. Incident information can be filtered based upon the source device. Targets and field devices can be shown on the map, and the GUI’s alarm display allows the operator to configure audible alerts based upon predefined detection criteria.

CYCLOPE Hypervisor delivers full 360-degree surveillance without dead zones, enabling situational awareness of across multiple sites.

Which sensors?

CYCLOPE Hypervisor can be used with the range of Spynel sensors. The Spynel X search and track sensor has a detection range of eight kilometres for human activity and offers 360 degree coverage. It can be used as a standalone surveillance system or as an addition to existing systems. Total resolution is 120 megapixels.

The Spynel-S offers panoramic coverage, with a human detection range of six kilometres. Total image resolution is 30 megapixels.

The Spynel-C sensor has a total image resolution of 12 megapixels, and delivers a full panoramic coverage. Human detection range is quoted at three kilometres.

The Spynel-U is designed for perimeter protection and features a range of two and one half kilometres. A panoramic video camera can be fitted as an optional extra.

Finally, the Spynel-M is a cost-effective panoramic option with a detection range of 700 metres.

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