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HGH has launched the third generation of SPYNEL-U. The electro-optics company has reinvented its 360 degree thermal and visible sensor, enhancing its design and performance through improved image quality, data collection and analysis.

The SPYNEL range is well established in the defence and security sectors. The new SPYNEL-U sensor provides two high resolution 360 degree panoramic streams: a thermal stream and a visible video one.

While the thermal panoramic video is ideal for real-time long-distance detection and tracking, the high contrast visible panoramic video helps to quickly and accurately identify the detected threats.

The new SPYNEL-U was designed with the same base as the SPYNEL-X and SPYNEL-S sensors, making all three sensors easily interchangeable. They can be installed on the same platforms or tripods.

SPYNEL-U is not only ideal for the detection of maritime threats: it is also adapted to ground-based detection of multiple threats coming from land or sea, such as cars, camouflaged people, zodiacs, etc..

SPYNEL-U is uncooled technology requiring no maintenance.

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