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HID partners with Mercury security to launch the MP Controllers

by Geny Caloisi

HID and Mercury Security announce new Mercury MP Controllers, designed to deliver enhanced flexibility and security for businesses of all sizes.

Increasingly, access control systems require advanced encryption and threat detection. Access control software providers and integrators can seamlessly integrate access control, elevator control, building automation, IoT applications, and third-party solutions into a centralised, robust, and unified environment through Mercury MP Controllers. Due to this open approach, customers can choose the right solution.

Taking this commitment a step further, the new intelligent controllers were designed with advanced security features to safeguard sensitive data and to help protect against evolving cyber threats. A robust cryptographic engine supported by a secure boot CPU, crypto chip, and data encryption aims to protect against unauthorised access and attacks proactively.

“In today’s dynamic business environment, organisations demand access control solutions that are secure and reliable and flexible enough to adapt to evolving needs,” says Steve Lucas, VP of OEM Sales at Mercury Security. “The new MP Controllers deliver on these critical requirements, empowering businesses to create robust, future-ready access control systems with increased ROI, scalability and cybersecurity at their core.”

The Mercury MP Controllers provide partners and end users with:

Flexibility: The freedom to design and upgrade systems without limiting software and hardware choices, and seamlessly integrate the latest technologies with no costly rip-and-replace projects. This flexibility extends to OEMs, allowing them to seamlessly integrate the controllers with both on-premises and cloud-based access control environments.

Scalability: The ability to meet system architecture from a single door to an entire enterprise.

Heightened Security: The support for physical and cybersecurity features to help keep networks and data safe.

Reliability: The peace of mind of investing in reliable and trusted hardware.

The Mercury MP Controllers deliver powerful new features such as a dual-footprint circuit design with alternate components for business continuity, a future-ready app development environment for expanded integrations and the adoption of enhanced cybersecurity best practices, like ARM TrustZone, to protect systems.

The MP controllers will be available later in 2024 through Mercury OEM partners.

For more information on Mercury‘s intelligent controllers, visit the website.

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