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Hikvision Academy, empowering knowledge

by Geny Caloisi
With over 20 years in manufacturing security equipment, from CCTV to IT technology, Hikvision has a wealth of experience in the security sector. The best part is that the company is keen to share its knowledge and improve industry standards by offering several Hikvision accredited professional video security courses.

All courses are taught at the Hikvision Academy Training Centres and are free to attend. Although it’s open to all, Hikvision recommends a minimum of 12 months of experience within the security industry before joining its courses.

There are a wide variety of Hikvision courses available. They are specifically designed as easy-to-understand courses to hands-on sessions that equip trainees with the skills they need to implement and commission Hikvision security systems successfully.

Whether you’re new to Hikvision solutions and want to learn about security installation or want to learn how to install and configure more complex systems, Hikvision Academy has what you’re looking for.

There are purpose-built training centres in London, Manchester, and Glasgow, as well as online training.

Coming up to Glasgow on September 8th is the Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA) – CCTV training, and on September 9th, the Hikvision VMS (HikCentral). There are more courses available, please check here.

As a result of the centralisation of the HikCentral platform, users can achieve extensive integration and deliver powerful solutions. HikCentral is expandable and scalable, so your security capability can be maximised for years to come. Besides, you can benefit from a host of security and business features, for example, ANPR/Access Control/People Counting/Heat Mapping, as well as many others.

Providing project-specific solutions requires additional functions and services from collaborative partners. This is why Hikvision’s video management platform is designed to be Central, Collaborative, and Intelligent.

Entry-level training

If you are looking to become an authorised Hikvision installer, sign up for the entry-level Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA-CCTV) Course.
It covers the installation, operation, and setup of Hikvision cameras. As a first step towards becoming an authorised Hikvision installer, this course is ideal.

HCSA – Hik-ProConnect

If you are looking to become an approved HCSA – Hik-ProConnect installer following on from HCSA, this is a perfect choice. This course will teach you how to master the applications Hik-Connect and Hik-ProConnect.

Hikvision Certified Security Professional (HCSP) Course Part 1 and 2

In the advanced HCSP Part 1 Course, you learn to master the installation and extend your knowledge of ANPR Products, Panoramic Solutions and Thermal Technologies.

The HCSP course is split into ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ and they are interdependent.

How can you get into a course?

Step 1: Sign Up For the Hikvision Training Portal
Complete the sign-up form with your details, and an automatic email titled ‘LearnUpon Confirmation instructions’ will be sent to your inbox. Once you have received this, click on the link in the email to confirm your new Hikvision training centre account, which will take you to your training welcome page.

Step 2: Choose a Course
At the top left of the Training Centre portal, there is a drop-down menu. Choose the ‘Catalogue’ option from the menu. You will be presented with a list of all available courses in Uxbridge, Manchester, and Glasgow. It is also possible to filter the courses by location using the drop-down menu on the left-hand side. Once you have chosen a course, select the red ‘enrol’ button.

Step 3: Attend the Course
Once you have received your confirmation, you are ready to attend your course. Please ensure you arrive with plenty of time to allow us to start your course on time.
Direction details to your training centre can be found on the training course confirmation email.
Throughout your course, you will have the opportunity to get “hands-on” with Hikvision equipment, please be prepared to take plenty of notes with the stationary provided. You will have plenty of time during the breaks to answer emails and return telephone calls.

All courses end with an exam. Upon passing the exam, the trainee will receive the corresponding certificate.

Attendance is taken seriously, and trainees that fail to turn up without giving a three days notice will be unable to book another training for three months.

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