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Hikvision and Transpeye team up for retail loss prevention

by Geny Caloisi

Hikvision has announced a new technology partnership with Transpeye to deliver a

Hikvision announced a new technology partnership with Transpeye, a video-first solution for risk management in retail. This unique solution combines Hikvision’s smart devices – including cameras, NVRs and alarm products – with Transpeye’s next-generation retail loss prevention expertise to provide a comprehensive toolkit to help retailers manage risk.

A typical retail environment has several security systems and devices working in isolation, so it can be challenging to see the entire ‘risk landscape’ at once. Transpeye has developed an all-in-one, cloud-based risk management system that can identify malicious and compliance-based issues to reveal risk anytime, anywhere. This is done by merging all types of device data from a variety of Hikvision devices, like PTZ and thermal cameras and alarm devices. These can be installed in multiple locations and provide infinite cross-device combinations with bespoke policy-based alerts. Retailers can now carry out holistic analysis and reporting, harnessing the power of the combined dataset.

With the integration, customers can:

  • be alerted to alarms set/unset outside of expected routines, using Intruder Alarm Integration
  • set the system to notify shelf selection of any high-risk product, using Smart Shelf
  • monitor EPOS-based risks for internal and external fraud in an all-in-one system
  • quickly and easily add devices with Hikvision’s Hik-ProConnect
  • remotely arm/disarm alarm devices by batch via Hik-ProConnect to increase work efficiency.


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