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Hikvision Autumn 2021 roadshow event

by Geny Caloisi
Hikvision is halfway through its Insight Autumn roadshow event, having visited Cardiff, Milton Keynes and London already; and going to Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow in the next two weeks.
According to Gary Harmer, Hikvision Sales Director for the UK and Ireland, the in-person conference is opening up interesting conversations and is an excellent opportunity to network.

For the past five years, Hikvision has gone out on the road with its Insight events in the Spring and Autumn. The events are an opportunity to showcase the company’s latest products and solutions to its customers. They also provide a space for Hikvision’s partners to demonstrate how they work with the company.

Harmer comments, “Besides being able to present our products, the Insight events provides us with the perfect platform for our customers to meet the wider Hikvision team. We have our product managers, vertical demand creation teams and more.”

Last year, because of the pandemic, all conferences were done online. Installers and integrators were able to choose the most relevant talks, but the virtual model doesn’t allow for much discovery.

Harmer shares how, at the event in Dorking, a temporary power cut on the conference room meant that no slides could be shared. Instead, an interesting spontaneous conversation about how video could be used beyond security applications was started.

“Using video for more than just security can give clients a better return on investment. End users can get business intelligence and management information at the same time as meeting their security needs,” Harmer explained.

Hikvision Insight partners, such as CSL and Pyronix, to name but a few, can also take this opportunity to talk about how their synergies with Hikvision work.

John Coleman, Head of Sales UK & Ireland, CSL, says, “It has been great to be involved in the Hikvision Insight Roadshows for the first time this Autumn. We have met and presented to hundreds of installers, showing them the value that CSL’s Critical Connectivity can add to their Hikvision systems. Our CSL Router and CSL SIM solutions provide reliable and secure 4G connectivity to enhance any installation that requires a connection to transfer data from the protected premises.

“We are looking forward to continuing to work with Installers to enable them to offer the latest technologies to their customers”.

There are still three more events to come in Manchester (November 9th), Leeds (November 11th) and Glasgow (November 24th). Anyone interested in learning more about emerging technologies, such as multi-sensory perception, Hikvision’s ColourVue and getting to know the company’s partners and integrators, should surely make their way to one of the events.

Visit www.hikvision.com/uk/hikvision-insight to register.

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