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Hikvision: Darkfighter PTZ Series

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Low light has always been a challenge for installers and integrators involved in the delivery of video surveillance solutions. Often involving additional expense and some degree of compromise, it’s an issue that can be significant where around-the-clock protection is a necessity. Hikvision has addressed the problem with its latest range of Darkfighter PTZ cameras.

The Hikvision DarkFighter PTZ range is made up of advanced pan, tilt and zoom cameras which provide the highest image quality for both day and night applications. Developed specifically for low-light scenarios, the Darkfighter PTZ series provides clear and undistorted images without the need for costly external illumination devices, ensuring true 24-hour image capture in High-Definition 1080p quality. For challenging lighting conditions, the cameras also have the added benefit of true Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), ensuring a consistently high quality and clear picture regardless of the ambient light conditions.

The cameras include 36x optical zoom to deliver crystal-clear images of subjects and incidents at long distances, making them ideal for areas where it may not be possible to mount cameras closer to the area of interest. This is supplemented by integral infrared illuminators with a 200 metre range, allowing the most distant of subjects to be captured regardless of light levels. The Darkfighter PTZ range is also rated for tough outdoor use, making this a durable solution for some of the most climatically hostile areas.

Benefiting from a raft of smart functions including intrusion detection, line crossing detection and audio exception reporting, the Darkfighter PTZ series delivers more than a standard PTZ camera. Whilst offering these smart features, the Darkfighter PTZ range remains cost-effective, with one major end-user describing it as an ‘invest to save’ opportunity.

The economical use of bandwidth ensures there are no issues for both the installer and end-user when the cameras are deployed in a network environment.

Integrating with Hikvision’s own video management software (VMS) platforms – iVMS-4200 and iVMS-5200 – and all major third party VMS products, the Darkfighter PTZ range adds unprecedented value to an integrated solution.

Successful installations of the Hikvision Darkfighter PTZ range include Salford City Council. The Council had a requirement to update its surveillance systems due to the legacy equipment producing murky and unusable images. Hikvision provided a number of Darkfighter PTZ cameras with exceptional results. Salford City Council has replaced all of its legacy cameras with the Hikvision Darkfighter range due to the outstanding low-light performance and the excellent reliability; none of the cameras have given any problems since the installation!

Moving forwards, Hikvision plans to expand the Darkfighter range with a view to improving the functionality to allow security installers to continue to deliver the best possible day/night PTZ camera on the market.

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