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How the Parkhomivka Museum of History and Arts preserves its treasures

by Geny Caloisi

Parkhomivka, a relatively small village in Slobozhanshchyna, Ukraine, regularly attracts tourists thanks to its renowned art museum, the Parkhomivka Museum. The museum exists thanks to a passionate history teacher and self-taught artist that lived in this village, Afanassi Lubov, who started collecting precious pieces of art mid-XX century.

The Parkhomivka Museum has sculptures, paintings, diagrams, and archaeological and ethnographic works. In addition to the ethnographic exhibition with century-old artefacts, the museum also displays iconography from XVII-XIX centuries, domestic, Western, and Eastern art.

The museum has original works by prominent internationally renowned painters are kept here: Picasso’s Dove Of Peace and Owl, Malevich’s Suprematism 65, works by Wassily Kandinsky, Renoir, Benois, and many others.

Wanting to keep all its invaluable objects safe, the museum chose a reliable Ajax security system together with the Security Service of Ukraine.

Protecting the cultural heritage

The museum is located in a ‘palazzo’ house built at the end of the XVIII century. This is a two-story building with an area of 700 sq m with many rooms and windows. To avoid damaging the museum’s authenticity and not to drill through the old walls of the historic building, the Ajax wireless solution was chosen for security. Some wired motion and opening detectors were already installed in the building, but the system was outdated and needed an upgrade.

“Since the museum was founded in 1955, more than seven and a half thousand items have been gathered in our collections, and this figure is growing. Preservation of the cultural heritage of Ukraine and the valuable works of art — this is the most important task for us, and we are glad that a Ukrainian professional security system brand is now protecting these historical treasures,” said Olena Semenchenko, Director of Parkhomivka Museum.

The Parkhomivka Museum is not an accessible building to install a security system. Old walls and a basement with a thick ceiling blocked the connection between detectors, so engineers chose the Hub 2 Plus smart central unit and a ReX range extender to improve radio signal stability and access to the distant rooms of the facility.

MotionProtect Curtain motion detectors protect all 49 windows, DoorProtect opening detectors control doors, and LeaksProtect leak detectors prevent the building from flooding. MotionProtect and MotionCam motion detectors with a photo camera monitor the entrance and the interior areas, and the loud StreetSiren signals danger. The Ajax system is connected to a police station, which comes to the scene in case of an alarm.

Valentine Hrytsenko, Ajax CMO, said, “Ajax represents Ukraine on the world stage as a powerful player in the development and production of security systems market, and now we are known not only as of the home of strong athletes and revolutions. The Parkhomivka Museum has a rich collection worthy of visits by foreign guests, which contributes to the development of museum tours in the country. This is one of our cultural gems, and, of course, Ajax Systems needs to support such projects.”

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