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How to sell security post-Covid

by Geny Caloisi
If your sales team has found the current marketplace difficult to navigate, you are not alone. Fire safety and security company Chubb has developed a new training programme to equip its sales managers with coaching skills and behaviours for leading, inspiring, and professionally developing their teams.

The coaching programme has been designed in collaboration with the Professional Sales Academy (PSA), an industry leader in accredited sales education and partner to the Institute of Sales Professionals.

Across the UK and Ireland, 21 Chubb sales managers will have the opportunity to earn a Level 5 Sales Coach Accreditation, which demonstrates their ability to develop and motivate their teams. There is a focus on coaching theory, understanding individuals in their teams, motivations and positive psychology, and the ability to reflect and own one’s management style. They will complete coaching projects from start to finish to embed their new capability.

Alison Matthias, Managing Director of the Professional Sales Academy, said, “Sales is a constant high-performance activity that companies rely on to survive. In many ways, it is like elite sports. Like sports, salespeople need great sales coaches to stay high performing and resilient and to find the role enjoyable and stimulating.

This is all the more important post-covid as sales professionals navigate all the changes it has brought to their personal circumstances and customers’ needs. Sales managers can’t be expected to do this in the demanding sales world without receiving high-quality education and coaching support themselves”.

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