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Hybrid cloud technology raises the bar for video surveillance and security

by Benchmark

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are using Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM Solutions to improve performance, scalability and reliability

Global security threats have put increased attention on surveillance and security technologies. Today’s CCTV OEMs must offer advanced technology solutions that help customers improve public safety and facility management in real-time.

Customers will turn to the OEMs who can offer global support and help them build safer, more innovative solutions. To raise the bar and stay ahead of competitors, OEMs need solutions that scale and easily integrate with existing data centre technologies. It’s also essential that OEMs adopt cloud-based solutions to support the conversion from analogue to IP-based systems.

By using hybrid cloud technology, OEMs can optimise server performance, improve margins and raise customer satisfaction.

CUDO Communication: enabling real-time surveillance analytics

CUDO Communication specialises in intelligent video surveillance solutions. The company works with HPE OEM Solutions to provide the superior performance, scalability and support that its customers expect from their security analytics systems.

CUDO Communication’s technology provides customers with intelligent video surveillance and incorporates real-time analytics based on event zones, object types and time schedules. It also detects user-defined events such as fire, smoke, theft and crowd gatherings. All video surveillance is stored on HPE OEM Solutions’ servers and behaviour is analysed using sophisticated object and behaviour analysis algorithms.

In-Kyu Lee, Director of CUCO Communications Security Business Division, explains why the company works so closely with HPE OEM Solutions. ‘Our relationship with HPE has great potential. Through the OEM program we have the opportunity to brand the equipment which enables us to create competitive differentiation. In addition, deploying our solution on a platform that is supported worldwide by HPE OEM Solutions helps us to realise our goal of expanding into the global marketplace.’

Venzo Secure: optimising server performance for video surveillance

For surveillance solutions provider and HPE OEM Solutions worldwide partner Venzo Secure, it is critical to work with partners who can reduce the complexity of implementing large scale video surveillance projects.

Together with Milestone Systems, a global leader in open-platform IP video management software, Venzo Secure implements solutions for video deployments. Designing systems that integrate Milestone’s software with robust server platforms tailored to each customer’s specific requirements is a big challenge.

‘Sizing hardware platforms for video surveillance is extremely complex,’ said Adrian Adolfsson, co-founder and COO of Venzo Secure. ‘We worked with HPE OEM Solutions and Milestone to develop and test a reference architecture that would provide Milestone partners with the optimal hardware configuration for each implementation.’

Being able to deliver the right server platform for each specific implementation, backed by 24×7 onsite support, has reduced costs.

Vista: providing global support for its customers

As one of the leading providers of CCTV solutions in the UK, Vista has established partnerships to help it expand into new markets with its video security solutions. Working closely with Norbian and Avnet Embedded, an HPE OEM Solutions distribution partner, has helped Vista increase its market presence by delivering value-added video management software.

Advances in its security and surveillance technology required Vista to examine which vendors could provide servers with global support and increased scalability. Also important to Vista was the ability of its partners to provide reliable on-time delivery and post-sales support.

‘If a customer has a problem with recording or accessing the video, it puts the entire purpose of our solution into jeopardy. The HPE OEM Solutions program provides us with reliable servers that minimise customer problems and help us increase the value of our Vista solutions,’ said Gary Rowdan, Divisional Director at Vista.

Working closely with HPE OEM Solutions has allowed Vista to increase its global market presence and expand use of new applications to offer innovative solutions to its customers.

OEMs in the security and surveillance space need to adopt hybrid cloud-based technology solutions that will give them a competitive advantage. Partnering with technology experts who understand the importance of scalable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer separates your company from your competitors and helps your customers improve public safety.

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