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i-PRO introduces rapid PTZ Cameras with ClearSight Coating

by Geny Caloisi
i-PRO has launched its latest offering in the PTZ camera segment – the i-PRO Rapid PTZ cameras. We spoke to Jonathan Rickard, i-PRO Sales Engineer (pictured) to find out more about it.

These cameras are positioned as the smallest in their category, a significant advantage derived from competitive analysis and internal benchmarking. The compact design is crucial for installers who often face project requirements for smaller, discreet, and fully functionalas well as constraints related to weight and mounting considerations.

The i-PRO Rapid PTZ cameras come in three resolution options: 4K, 6MP, and 3MP, catering to a range of surveillance needs. The cameras feature 360-degree endless rotation for pan and tilt, ensuring comprehensive coverage and flexibility in monitoring large areas. They are powered by PoE++ (IEEE802.3bt), simplifying installation by reducing the need for additional power sources.

A standout feature of the i-PRO Rapid PTZ cameras is its edge AI capabilities. These include AI Video Motion Detection, AI Privacy Guard, AI Face Detection, AI People Detection, AI Vehicle Detection, AI Non-mask Detection, AI Occupancy Detection, and AI Scene Change Detection.

These AI functions significantly enhance the cameras’ performance in security applications by providing accurate object tracking, intelligent image compression, and advanced alarm functionality. The cameras can generate alarms for specific objects, facilitating more efficient monitoring and investigations. Furthermore, the open AI platform allows integration with numerous third-party applications, offering additional functionalities like fire and smoke detection, and fall detection.

Installation versatility is another strength of the i-PRO Rapid PTZ cameras, with mounting options including surface, drop pole, wall, corner, and pole mounts. This flexibility allows the cameras to be adapted to various environments and installation requirements.

In terms of integration, the i-PRO Rapid PTZ cameras are fully compatible with many existing VMS solutions, including Milestone, Genetec, and Luxriot, ensuring seamless incorporation into established security systems.

A notable feature of these cameras is the ClearSight Coating, designed to last up to seven years, depending on environmental conditions. While the coating cannot be reapplied, replacement hemispheres are available to maintain the camera’s performance. Importantly, the ClearSight Coating does not affect the camera’s performance in extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable operation in diverse climatic conditions.

The i-PRO Rapid PTZ cameras come with a five-year warranty, underscoring the company’s commitment to quality and reliability. Built on over 25 years of expertise in designing PTZ cameras, these models incorporate direct drive mechanisms known for their durability and low maintenance requirements.

Overall, the i-PRO Rapid PTZ cameras represent a blend of compact design, advanced AI capabilities, and robust construction, making them a compelling choice for modern security needs.

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