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i-PRO X-series supercharging surveillance opportunities

by Geny Caloisi

The i-PRO X-Series, introduced in November 2023 and available for sale since January 2024, represents a groundbreaking advancement in the surveillance industry. This is i-PRO’s first AI camera line with on-site learning capabilities allowing to teach the device custom objects. On top, the camera also extends AI functionality to non-AI cameras for cost-effective migration to AI in legacy systems.

In combination with the powerful real-time and forensic search plug-in Active Guard, i-PRO is offering an innovative end-to-end AI approach for ease of deployment. To ensure the data generated is well-protected, X-series is equipped with the highest security standards in the market to cater to the company’s mission for responsible use of AI.

As the most powerful AI camera to date, i-PRO’s X-series is a finalist in the Surveillance/CCTV award category at the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2024.

Applicability and use of the X-series

The development of the i-PRO X-series was driven by the need to provide a versatile and efficient surveillance solution that could leverage existing camera systems while integrating advanced AI capabilities. The X-series uses Ambarella chipsets CV52 AI SoC to deliver cutting-edge AI processing that handles video streams from three additional non-AI cameras alongside its own stream. This capability is crucial for installations where camera maintenance or replacement is challenging and costly.

The possibility of updating the chipset remotely also prolongs the lifespan of the camera. This improves existing surveillance systems and facilitates AI integration with popular VMSs using i-PRO Active Guard software.

The X-Series enables real-time analytics without expensive back-end servers or cloud-based systems, reducing bandwidth requirements and latency for real-time notifications.
This edge AI processing is more efficient, ensuring critical data is processed promptly and accurately. Applications range from monitoring traffic and operational efficiency in urban settings to tracking specific vehicles or logos, providing valuable metrics for various organisations, including city operations and healthcare facilities.

What makes the product stand out

The AI Smart Box function is a key feature that upgrades traditional cameras with edge AI capabilities, significantly enhancing system efficiency and reducing false alarms. This function allows a single X-series camera to extract AI metadata from up to three IP cameras, even if they are not AI-capable. In other words, users can upgrade existing surveillance systems with AI capabilities without the need for a complete overhaul, thereby saving costs and improving the overall surveillance system.

On-site learning requires little human input but offers a significant performance benefit. Users can teach cameras to recognise custom objects using just 250 shots, offering unmatched customisation for security and operational metrics. These learned objects can be shared across devices.

The X-Series leverages Ambarella CV-52 chip technology for superior performance, supporting up to nine AI applications, including on-site learning. These applications cover a wide range of surveillance needs, from object tracking and facial recognition to anomaly detection, making the X-Series a versatile and comprehensive surveillance solution for various environments and industries.

Recognising that not one size fits all, the X-series offers a range of 16 models. These models feature bullet cameras and interior or exterior domes, with resolutions up to 4K, WDR up to 144dB, and IR illumination up to 70 meters. This versatility ensures that the X-Series can cater to various surveillance needs, from urban settings to commercial operations, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse environments.

The X-series ensures top-tier image quality and robust cybersecurity compliance (NDAA and FIPS 140-2 Level 3), protects metadata integrity, and enhances analytic accuracy.

The i-PRO X-series was meticulously designed to provide integrators and end-users with a cost-effective solution. It enhances existing surveillance systems, reduces false alarms, and extends the working life of legacy cameras. This integration of advanced AI capabilities avoids the need for costly and disruptive camera replacements, ensuring a smart and economical investment. The AI on-site learning feature allows users to customise object tracking and use a variety of analytics, significantly improving operational efficiency and security.

With support for up to nine AI applications, the X-Series maximises detection accuracy and minimises configuration time, thanks to its auto-generation of training images at different luminance values. This feature is particularly beneficial for refining recognition and eliminating false positives, making the X-series an ideal solution for diverse environments, from urban settings and healthcare facilities to commercial operations.

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