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Incident response improved with VisionHub VMS+

by Benchmark Magazine

The sheer volume of information security operators are expected to use in the control room can be overwhelming. A single incident can require an operator to toggle between real-time data streams from the video management system (VMS), access control, video analytics, third party platforms, radio systems and mapping data.  Data sources stored in separate silos means the operator needs to put the pieces of the puzzle together to understand the unfolding situation and take the required action.

Responding to the need for streamlining data, New York, headquartered Qognify, has launched VisionHub 6.0, a  VMS+ that enables organisations in critical and highly regulated environments to effectively and efficiently respond to security threats and mitigate the impact of incidents.

VisionHub is built around the core of a high-performance VMS. It centralises, integrates and organises core physical security systems and sensors into a single video-centric interface, providing control room operators with heightened situational awareness and powerful incident response management capabilities.

Steve Shine, CEO of Qognify, states: “In recent years, investment in physical security technology has centred around providing control rooms with more and more sources of data, including greater numbers of cameras, systems and sensors. What has been missing is the integration that enables operators to ingest, interpret and act upon these sources of information, to improve how security incidents are dealt with.” Shine adds, “This is where VisionHub comes in. It breaks down the data silos, providing the control room with centralised management of its core physical security systems based on a powerful VMS+ platform.”

With core security systems tightly integrated through VisionHub, operators have immediate access to the information they need to make the right decisions using one user interface. VisionHub combines predefined workflows that guide operators to manage every incident in line with best practice and regulatory requirements. A powerful bi-directional integration enables operators to take action, e.g. open or close an access point directly through VisionHub.

Chen Porat, Vice President of Research & Development at Qognify, explains: “For most organisations, video surveillance is at the heart of their physical security ecosystem, so the logical next step in the evolution of the VMS is to be a video-centric management platform, that peels away the layers of complexity for both operator and administrator. VisionHub is a next-generation VMS+ that enables control rooms to realise the true potential of their technology investments and the skills of their operators, to deliver optimal performance for the organisation when it matters most.”


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