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Increasing cyber protection with Logiqal Cybercheck

by Benchmark

With the server being the core of every Enterprise CCTV system it is the logical place to monitor the overall health of the system and to block potential cyberattacks. Building on the enormous success of Secure Logiq’s Healthcheck Lite hardware monitoring and alerting utility, Logiqal Healthcheck Pro brings to market a complete suite of management tools to ensure, at a glance, that customer CCTV estates are secure, optimised and fully operational at all times.

Monitoring every process and component within Secure Logiq’s enterprise server range, Logical Healthcheck Pro gives visual confirmation utilising a simple to understand traffic light system confirming the operational status of every customer site. Designed to reduce support requirements whilst improving the support process, warning and critical levels can be set, raising alarms via email and SMS, alerting integrators immediately to any potential hardware or operational issues. Servers and sites can be grouped into customers and/or geographical locations and displayed as icons or live on a map.

High security closed IP CCTV networks can be monitored on a local client whilst remote accessibility is available via the cloud. Utilising HTML5 flexibility gives cross-platform multi-device availability, allowing engineers to check any issues on site ‘on the go’ on mobile devices, offering a level of pre-emptive maintenance and support not seen before in the industry.

Data logging allows retrospective troubleshooting of difficult-to-find issues to deduce how and why problems occurred.

Logiqal Cybercheck is a simple to use, step by step, CCTV network and security tool kit guiding the security installer through the steps to be taken to ensure that the system, or indeed company network, is as impenetrable as possible to cyberattack. Firewalls, software security suites and many other software-based security measures are not failsafe and the integrator needs additional tools to detect and respond to security breaches as they occur.

Intuitive intelligent algorithms seek out system vulnerabilities and advise how to lock down against cyberattack and can automate the process at the click of a mouse. Vulnerabilities are identified by decoding different network protocols which devices on the network use, and presenting the results in a human readable form. With the help of Logiqal Cybercheck, the integrator can enhance the network security and approach any problem proactively.

Logiqal Cybercheck consists of three modules. The Network Deployment Analyser monitors the status of the local machine and the network, advising of any vulnerabilities and giving the ability to shut them down at the click of the mouse. This module will analyse the status and condition of the local server, its firewall status and network card setup. Automatic network interface detection advises on enabled Bluetooth interfaces, WiFi Interfaces and active 3G/4G dongles, and instructs the integrator of critical, important and best practice procedures along with steps to be taken for improvement and rectification of security issues. Port status and activity is displayed, highlighting unwanted or unnecessary services within a system.

The second module, a Software Security and Integrity Analyser, checks the OS and application for security and driver updates, as well as blocking access points where rogue software could be introduced. It will also check that all passwords have been changed to the correct level of complexity. If external access is enabled, browsing data is collected and analysed with abnormal activity being reported by email or SMS.

Finally a CCTV Deployment Analyser module identifies all ONVIF devices on a network. It will lock and monitor unidentified devices added or found, and will advise on password integrity of all devices with the option to upgrade any or all default passwords at the click of a button.

Residing within Logiqal Healthcheck Pro, the Logiqal Cybercheck dashboard uses the same traffic light system as Logiqal Healthcheck, with a full site of green lights giving both the installer and end user the confidence that their system is protected.

If you are in the Enterprise CCTV arena, can you afford for a cyberattack to damage your company reputation or put your customer’s business at risk? Call Secure Logiq on +44 (0) 203 4755743 or email  to learn more about our specialised server technology for HD surveillance and innovative, industry focused software solutions.