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Increasing Success with Expanded Integrations

by Benchmark

Increasingly, end users are seeking and investing in solutions which not only deliver credible and robust security functionality, but also ensure added value can be realised. With demand for greater levels of flexibility on the rise, it is no longer enough for a security solution to only offer protection for people and assets. While this will remain the core reason for specifying such a solution, integrators must be able to offer additional benefits to end users.

In today’s rapidly evolving security sector, integration is the order of the day. Customers do not want disparate systems which operate independently of each other. The evolving technological landscape has relegated such systems to the past. In the vast majority of sectors, manufacturers are working tirelessly to bring systems together, sharing data and delivering seamless solutions, all controlled from a single intuitive interface.

End user expectations are that any modern smart system will be the same, and this is increasingly true for security-centric systems. People expect security technologies to integrate, and for good reason. Video surveillance complements audio-based technologies, and both are made more powerful by adding transactional data such as access control. A combination of real-time video with accurate and timely site status data enables a host of smart features to be implemented. Add in alarm data, and the system offers a considerably higher level of performance.

However, where the real benefits of integration lie are when the security solution is combined with other business critical systems. These might enable power and energy control, to save the user ongoing costs in the management of their site. In certain industries such as retail or entertainment, the collection and reporting of customer behaviours could add value, for marketing or product placement purposes. Also, real-time data on occupancy and flow could ensure the site’s management is better able to deploy staff more effectively.

These integrations can ensure the end user sees real value from their solution, which in turn increases the return on investment. Increasingly, integrators and installers who offer additional benefits are not only winning new business, but often see the budgets increase because the offered services are of a real value to the customer.

Integrations for success

COSMO PSIM+ is a software-based solution which adds functionality to security systems by simplifying integration with other technology-based systems. This is possible because COSMO PSIM+ has been developed at as ‘API-first’ product. Its application programming interface has been specifically created to allow the creation of advanced integrations which elevate security systems beyond the basic task of protection. However, the software achieves all this without compromising on fundamental security principles.

By understanding the core functionalities of COSMO PSIM+, it is easier to consider how the solution can be best deployed to deliver added value efficiencies for end users. The first role of the software is the collection of relevant data, whether it is generated by the security system or other business or site management systems. Because of this data collection role, it is important COSMO PSIM+ is GDPR compliant. For many end users, GDPR represents an area of importance, so integrators and end users will benefit from the fact the software addresses this issue.

As the data is gathered, it is analysed by the software in real-time, ensuring important information can be identified and prioritised, based upon the criteria set by the user via the system configurations. For example, if the goal is energy and power management, the software might compare access control and intruder alarm data to identify when departments are unmanned, allowing power to be switched off.

If an event occurs, the software can push relevant data and associated information, such as video streams, event logs, transactional data or other customised reports, to operators. They can then use the data to assess incidents and verify whether additional action needs to be taken. The value of real-time situational information is that the end user saves time and resources by being notified of issues rather than having to investigate once they discover something has happened.

COSMO PSIM+ can also be used to assist operators, security staff, maintenance teams or any other authorised individuals to deal with situations and problems as they arise. Through the implementation of workflows, the software can provide guidance or deliver instructions to specified team members, ensuring compliance with operating procedures and best practice is always adhered to.

Through automated real-time reporting, the notifications are recorded, along with details of any actions taken by operators or other team members. The software can even assess whether the actions meet requirements for compliance.

Reports can provide valuable insight to enable a full and thorough investigation by the end user. A complete audit trail is also created, providing customers with evidence that appropriate processes and procedures have been followed.

In summary

COSMO PSIM+ simplifies integration and ensures the user experience is both effective and consistent. For integrators and installers looking to deliver smart solutions, it is effectively the ‘glue’ which brings disparate technologies into one seamless and efficient solution.

COSMO PSIM+ is hardware agnostic and the software is modular. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications, from large campus-type environments down to smaller systems in SMEs which require a specific feature to enhance the overall level of performance on offer.

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