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Infrastructure: NVT Phybridge – FLEX Extender Kit

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Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018 Infrastructure Winner: NVT Phybridge – FLEX Extender Kit

NVT Phybridge’s FLEX Extender Kit builds on the success of the FLEX range of switches. The extender kit offers a robust long reach single-port UTP solution that delivers PoE and IP connectivity, quickly and efficiently, over extended distances. It is designed to enable easy deployment of devices over distances of up to 610 metres, which by far exceeds the normal IP LAN limitation of 100 metres. As such it offers benefits to integrators and installers during installation as it eliminates a need for costly repeaters and cabinets.

Whether extending PoE for longer distances or migrating to IP using legacy cabling at a site, the built-in long reach capabilities eliminate the need for additional peripheral equipment, saving significant costs alongside reduced investments in time and resources. Implementation of FLEX Extender Kits is easy and fast.

The kits additionally eliminate down-time and business disruption. The plug-and-play solution enables staff to continue to work during the migration process. Networks remain operational throughout set-up and deployment, and all IP devices are supported at extended distances.

Typical savings are claimed to be up to 40 per cent with reduced IP migration project spend and lower deployment time-frames. For the user this equates to a smoother transition with minimal disruption, and for the integrator or installer it makes the cabling process – often a lengthy and at time frustrating task – significantly less stressful.

The FLEX Extender Kit includes one FLEX-Base, one FLEX-Link and the relevant power supplies.
Features include 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet with PoE++ (up to 50W), 10/100Mbps full duplex data rate, power injection or pass-through, 610 metres at 100Mbps over 4-pair or 10Mbps over 1- or 2-pair, support for Multicast and Unicast traffic, auto-detection of data rate for maximum bandwidth and transmission distance utilisation and a five year warranty.

FLEX Extender Kits can handle any network data traffic, from real-time video surveillance to access control transaction and alarm notifications. The links can also support a wide range of non-security data including IoT transmissions and VoIP telephony. This allows integrators and installers to offer added value to the customer.

When updating to IP, businesses can now take full advantage of modern LAN principles, avoiding traditional LAN challenges as they look to connect security and IoT endpoints to IP applications.

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