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Integration options are Integriti’s strength

by Benchmark Magazine

Integration has always been the USP for Inner Range’s Integriti. There’s a hefty clue in its name. We’ve understood for years that customers need one, unified security management system that is as individual as they are.

We pride ourselves on the breadth of integrations we can offer, and our in-house research and development team is always expanding the integration options for our flagship enterprise-level, intelligent access control and security system.

Latest integrations
Updates this year include a new integration with Quuppa real-time location tracking, which means tagged information from the Quuppa system can be associated with Integriti entities, allowing direct control of the asset from either system. Assets can be object, or users associated with them, and they can be made visible on Integriti’s schematic of the site. Operators can access all cameras with the asset in their field of view. Alert protocols can be set up with bespoke criteria and operators can track and view the asset instantly if an alert is triggered.

While an integration with Suprema biometrics now allows users to add thumb and face scans as access credentials, which can be used in addition to smartcards and PIN for high security with trouble-free access.

We’ve also added integrations with FLIR Latitude and IDIS CCTV to bolster options for clients around video surveillance.

These are in addition to a multitude of existing integration options, such as visitor management, lifts, other biometrics including facial recognition, cashless vending, keyless lockers, HR and payroll and health and safety systems.

Power of integration
Integrated security management systems offer better security, and smarter buildings. For example, integrating high-level lift controls and visitor management means user and visitor credentials can be read by speed lanes and intelligent lifts at the same time, and people are swiftly directed to the fastest lift for their floor, moving through reception areas without queues and crowding. Access is all touchless too.

For site managers, having a unified platform provides information about a single event from multiple sources, such as CCTV, doors, lifts, ANPR or real-time location tracking. It means they have more information, in an instant, to help them make decisions about safety and security.

Cyber security
Inner Range hasn’t had a single reported cyber security breach in its 30-year-plus history, and with so many systems interacting together, we will always be at the forefront of cyber security research and application.

We use cryptographic implementations, including AES end-to-end encryption through every system controller, door module and third-party products.

We also deploy sandboxing, which isolates third-party applications integrated with your core access control to prevent malware from negatively affecting your system.

All our products, including those that are IP network-connected, undergo penetration testing by independent accredited laboratories to assess security and probe for vulnerabilities.

Integriti now supports Two Factor Authentication (2FA), providing extra security when operators login. Operators must enter a time-based six-digit code from a registered smartphone or personal device as well as their usual username and password to login to the system. They can also generate an emergency back-up code if they lose, forget or can’t access their personal device.

World leader
Inner Range has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent security solutions since it was established in 1988. Inner Range systems have been installed in over 25 countries. Customers include hospitals and high-security units, colleges, distribution centres and pharmaceutical companies. government and critical national infrastructure.

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