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IoT to redefine Urban Mobility

by Geny Caloisi
A report commissioned by Telenor and Accenture to examine the prevalent drivers for change affecting the world at large confirms that technology will play a key role in overcoming many of the challenges that urban mobility is facing today.

With high energy prices contributing to rising inflation and slowing global growth, consumers’ spending power and transportation choices are being affected by the uncertainty of the economic outlook.

“We see that societal factors are affecting urban mobility patterns more than ever before,” says Mats Lundquist, CEO at Telenor Connexion and Head of Telenor IoT. “This means that demand for flexible, efficient, affordable, and sustainable means of transportation is increasing far too rapidly for companies to meet independently. Organizations and industries that work together to connect their services across ecosystems will find themselves perfectly placed to benefit from these shifting trends.”

Growing demand for modern alternatives like micromobility, shared mobility, and the digitalization of public transportation has led to fluctuating mobility preferences in metropolitan areas as governments strive to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

“This report strengthens the argument for adopting IoT across the transportation sector,” explains Bengt Nordström, Managing Director of Accenture Strategy and Consulting. “We foresee that manufacturers, service providers and connectivity services will need to collaborate on implementing the infrastructure needed to keep up with innovative urban behaviour.”

The IoT Prediction Report is intended for C-level executives, decision-makers, and those interested in the underlying trends shaping the industry and societies.

Bengt Nordström will discuss the results of this report in a live online event with Martin Whitlock, Telenor Connexion CTO, on March 6th at 15:30 CET. Interested viewers can register here to watch and pose questions to both individuals in real-time.

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