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IPS Intelligent Video Analytics: IPS AnalyticsManager

by Benchmark

IPS AnalyticsManager is a web-based system designed to help create a centrally managed solution which enhances the performance of IVA options for applications where simple surveillance via cameras is not enough. Without alarm notifications, an operator can only review incidents or retrospectively track offenders via recorded video.

To reduce the chance of incidents occurring, IPS Intelligent Video Analytics offers a wide range of video analytics which support security operators in interpreting situations quickly, recognising potential threats in real time and identifying risks and threats as they unfold.

To make these intelligent functions available to any video surveillance system, IPS developed IPS AnalyticsManager, the web-based platform that is designed to offer centralised management and simple integration of a wide range of certified video analytics modules. IPS AnalyticsManager facilitates a high level of compatibility and ease of use.

The platform makes use of a ‘zero integration’ interface, which not only makes implementation straightforward but also allows the software to provide a video stream with overlaid metadata which can be displayed in any third party VMS.

With a range of highly intuitive web tools, IPS AnalyticsManager gives the operator the ability to easily configure and operate the analytics without any requirement for an in-depth technical knowledge. The process simply takes a few mouse clicks.

Currently IPS offers 13 different camera- or server-based video analytics modules via the IPS AnalyticsManager platform. The intelligent video analysis IPS Loitering Detection, for example, is ideal for effective support of security staff. The analytics module detects if a person or group of people dwell in a certain area or at the same spot for a predefined time.

By setting the alarm zone and the dwell time, an alarm is generated as soon as the time limit is exceeded. This alerts security staff and enables them to react to a potential incident before it happens.

The IPS Loitering Detection was awarded Recommended status by Benchmark.

All IPS analytics have a graphical user interface which allows intuitive setting of the individual modules.

In order to deliver precise and reliable detection, various parameters have to be correctly set. The definition of object size ensures that only people are detected. Furthermore, the use of filters enables reliable detection and ensures that adverse weather conditions do not impact on detection performance.

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