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For many years the arguments for wider adoption of PSIM have divided opinion in the security market. Some see it as a system that brings together fragmented sub-systems, while others take the view it is a solution looking for a problem. ISM has upgraded its Genesys Enterprise software to offer an ISMS alternative.

What is it?

First the security industry has PSIMs: physical security information management. These software packages were bespoke and acted as an over-arching layer that delivered all security systems into one unified interface.

Today, ISM is offering ISMS: integrated security management systems. These systems are claimed to offer higher degrees of scalability coupled with ease of use.

Previously, ISM offered Genesys 2, a product sold as a PSIM. In Genesys Enterprise, the software becomes an ISMS.

Aimed at the National Critical Infrastructure sector, the Genesys Enterprise ISMS offers users unparalleled scalability, enhanced redundancy (using the company’s Migrating 3+ technology) and ease of use.

Designed specifically as an enhancement of the existing Genesys 2 PSIM, the Enterprise version has been developed with the needs of larger organisations in mind.

Genesys Enterprise can manage and control multiple sites from a single control room (or a single workstation) across a country or across continents. It features advanced levels of encryption to ensure network security, and is accredited to the highest standards of government national infrastructure security, according to the manufacturer.

Genesys Enterprise incorporates an enhanced graphical user interface, 3D modeling and an event management database. Events and alarms are presented to the operator in real-time.

The software operates as a standalone platform over LAN or WAN networks for remote and local sites with workstations that can be transferred to any control room on the network. This offers flexibility for off-peak or out of hours operations, or if a system failure occurs.

What’s Migrating 3+?

Migrating 3+ technology is ISM’s patented automatic failover technology that adds automatic configurable redundancy and power back-up. Control is effectively distributed across multiple workstations.

If one PC fails, control is migrated to another seamlessly, without interruption or downtime. The system is not restricted in its performance by the size or capability of a server, nor does it require the use of server farms or deployment of clustering software.

What about integration?

Genesys Enterprise allows the integration of multiple systems from any manufacturers, delivering one holistic integrated security system as a result. Any electronic security or fire safety device can be monitored and controlled from a single interface.

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