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Johnson Controls new screen-less Qolsys panel

by Geny Caloisi

Johnson Controls has announced the launch of the IQ4 NS (No Screen) Security and Smart Home System. This new offering maintains the high standards of quality and reliability associated with the IQ Panel 4 platform. Still, it is designed to be more affordable, making advanced home security accessible to a wider range of consumers.

The IQ4 NS empowers users by eliminating the traditional screen interface, instead relying on their smart devices to control its powerful features. This design choice not only enhances convenience but also contributes to significant cost savings. Users can now manage their security systems directly from their smartphones or tablets, seamlessly integrating their home security into everyday digital interactions, giving them a sense of control and security.

One of the standout features of the IQ4 NS is its use of PowerG technology, which provides exceptional range and reliability, allowing users to create custom-tailored security solutions. The system also supports connectivity with the Z-Wave 800 Series, enabling a wide array of smart home and automation functionalities.

The IQ4 NS is equipped with a built-in UL-rated siren and a 24-hour backup battery, ensuring continuous protection even in power outages. Additionally, it includes a built-in speaker for chimes, custom text-to-speech capabilities, and language translation features. These attributes make the IQ4 NS an ideal choice for diverse security applications, including residential, builder, multi-family units, and small to mid-size buildings.

Hackett highlighted the user-friendly nature of the system, mentioning features such as the SmartMount system for easy installation and powerful integration with Alarm.com. The Johnson Controls IQ Installer Interface application further simplifies the installation process, making it straightforward to mount the system on either a wall or a table.

The IQ4 NS Security and Smart Home System is positioned to become a staple in the security industry, offering a blend of advanced features and affordability. Johnson Controls continues to lead the market with innovations that prioritise user convenience, security, and overall system efficiency.

This groundbreaking product was first introduced to the US market last year, marking a significant step forward in making sophisticated home security systems more accessible to a broader audience.

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