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Leica Geosystems offers smart Incident Reconstruction

by Benchmark

Leica Geosystems has launched the latest version of its Leica Map360 accident and crime scene diagramming and reconstruction software, offering three editions to meet specific customer needs based on the technology used to measure and collect data from any scene.

With a new user experience and interface, Map360 v4.0 simplifies incident reconstruction activitie. With 2D intuitive workflows, Map360 Sketch offers a program designed to create basic diagrams, floorplans and reports from manual measurements, imported points or UAV imagery. At an intermediate level, Map360 Standard works with TPS and GNSS technology introducing 3D capabilities and tools as well as animation. Map360 Pro is directed at those using workflows that result in the creation of a 3D point cloud, such as laser scanners and UAV photogrammetry, offering advanced 3D capabilities and point cloud support.

‘The majority of our scenes will use the body poser feature to show an accurate reconstruction of the scene,’ stated Special Agent Scott Kraft of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, a beta test user who provided the product team a full review of the software. ‘Map360 was a quality product prior to this, but the newest version definitely adds a lot of appeal to the software in terms of ease of use.’

Public safety officials can now digitise the narrative, analyse the evidence, and present the facts easier, quicker and more accurately with Map360 v4.0. The critical details of a scene can be visually communicated with meticulous diagrams, pre-incident plans, incident reconstructions and other evidential exhibits with the updates in the latest version of the software.

Upgraded features include streamlined commands, enhanced properties and grips, interactive objects, increased symbols, body poser, and eight language versions. Other new offerings in the software are an intersection wizard, momentum angle calculator, image scale, points auto connector, QA reports and geotag support.

‘Public safety authorities need digital solutions to help protect communities and bring swift and thorough justice,’ stated Chenel Cordonier, Forensic Product Manager for Leica Map360. ‘In developing the latest version of Leica Map360, this need was our forethought. We aimed to provide the right software for whatever instrument was used on the scene; ensuring we can support all users in their critically important and essential work. With the more intuitive workflows and CAD at the core, all levels of experience and scene complexity can work with Map360 from basic diagramming to advanced point clouds.’

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