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Luminite launches EasySwitch sensor

by Benchmark

Luminite Electronics has  launched a new external PIR detector specifically aimed at the video surveillance and alarm markets. The ESD30 detector provides a covert PIR detection range of up to 30 metres over a wide area. The battery powered wireless detector can transmit to any EasySwitch receiver over a range of up to 500 metres (line of sight) to form part of a lighting or alarm system.

The detection area is 30 metres out and 20 metres across, and the internal optics can be adjusted so the unit does not have to be mounted facing the area to be covered. The unit can be easily adjusted for pet immunity to reduce false alarms.

When the PIR is activated, a high power red LED light will glow, giving an added layer of security to deter intruders. The detector can be powered by 4 x AA batteries or 1 x 9v PP3 , providing up to four years battery life.

EasySwitch comprises a range of simple wireless switching solutions  and is made up of external PIR detectors, wall switch transmitters, receivers and key fobs. EasySwitch offer solutions for hundreds of scenarios as users can mix and match products to create a bespoke solution.

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