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Luminite upgrades OCULi cameras

by Benchmark

Luminite has announced a range of new features for the OCULi wireless PIR camera. The standalone OCULi unit is a powerful PIR detector featuring a built-in camera, which sends alarm notifications when it has a detection event, eliminating the need for constant monitoring.

OCULi is fully wireless and battery-operated, making it perfect for protecting vulnerable areas such as vacant properties and construction sites where traditional video surveillance systems cannot be installed due to wiring and power limitations.

The most critical new feature of OCULi is it’s updated power supply which allows batteries to be used in series, extending battery life. The units also support use of rechargeable lithium batteries that can be used in conjunction with a solar panel.

When using rechargeable batteries with a solar panel, OCULi’s modem can be left online which allows users to view live images via the mobile app or web portal. Changes to the arming schedule can be recognised immediately by the unit, and image uploads to the server are typically reduced to three seconds.

When OCULi is used with a speaker, events can automatically trigger a bespoke message to be played once video has stopped recording. The message can be recorded by the user and stored on an SD card.

SIM activation has been simplified and non-network specific UK SIMs are able to make use of EE network coverage.

Graham Creek, Managing Director at Luminite, stated, ‘OCULi has been designed to offer the end user a host of functions without power. The updates to the power supply and the use of solar energy make OCULi a compelling option for certain sectors of the market, where traditional devices cannot be used due to power constraints.’

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