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MARSS’ NiDAR System: Elevating Security Standards for Ships and Yachts

by Geny Caloisi
Security installers in the maritime industry are constantly seeking advanced solutions to safeguard assets and individuals in various environments, ranging from ships and yachts to critical infrastructure sites and urban settings. As the industry evolves, so do the technologies to enhance security measures.

MARSS, a provider of innovative security and surveillance systems, announced its latest milestone in the maritime sector with the appointment as the prime contractor for delivering its NiDAR system to a prestigious 120+ metre yacht and its 70+ metre support vessel.

Collaborating closely with partners such as Echodyne and others, MARSS will oversee the installation and intelligent integration of multiple sensors, including world-leading RF detection and Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS) radar systems. What sets NiDAR apart is its sensor-agnostic capabilities, allowing seamless integration with existing cameras and navigational systems aboard the vessels. This integration ensures that all sensors feed into a unified tactical picture, providing unparalleled situational awareness and protection across surface and air domains, augmented by NiDAR’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

The scope of this $4 million installation project encompasses not only deploying advanced sensors but also the implementation of various countermeasures such as loud hailers and searchlights. Despite the complexity of the task, MARSS is committed to delivering both contracts within the calendar year of 2024, showcasing its dedication to meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations.

This recent achievement builds upon MARSS’ successful endeavours in 2023, which saw the deployment of NiDAR systems on five different ships. These contracts included the installation of NiDAR on three yachts ranging from 65 to 125 meters in length, an upgrade to a legacy yacht, and the integration aboard the Combat Support Ship, M/V Asterix, which provides crucial at-sea support services for the Royal Canadian Navy.

Frederik Giepmans, Managing Director of MARSS Maritime, expressed pride in the accomplishments of his team, stating, “I am very proud of what the team has achieved during 2023, and these latest contract wins are testament to their dedication and NiDAR as an industry-leading product.” Giepmans also emphasized the significance of these projects as a promising start to 2024, hinting at the company’s continued commitment to bringing NiDAR security systems to an expanding user base in the years to come.

MARSS’ appointment as the prime contractor for delivering NiDAR systems to prominent vessels underscores the company’s position as a leader in maritime security solutions. With its advanced technology and unwavering dedication to excellence, MARSS continues to set the standard for security installations in the maritime domain, ensuring the safety and protection of assets and individuals alike.

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