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Milestone XProtect+ VMS Packages

by Benchmark

One of the most powerful features of VMS solutionsis the use of Rules engines for event management. Milestone’s XProtect range only offered this functionality in its high-end solutions, but the ‘+’ series of packages changes that!

What is it?

Milestone Systems is adding to its XProtect VMS range with three new products: XProtect Essential+, XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+. Essential, Express and Professional are already established versions of the VMS, so what do the ‘+’ versions add?

For installers and integrators, the biggest and most significant difference between the standard and the ‘+’ versions is that the latter include Milestone’s excellent Rules Engine. In the past this has only been available on the higher specification (and higher cost) Corporate and Expert platforms. The reason was that these options used a different code base to the more entry-level packages.

The launch of the new ‘+’ versions puts the flexibility and power of Rules into all applications, even those with very tight budgetary constraints.

This is something that the team at Benchmark has argued for with the powers that be at Milestone, and in our opinion it ensures that any application can enjoy a bespoke, flexible and powerful video management platform.

Why do Rules matter?

Milestone’s Rules engine is the most flexible Benchmark has seen in any VMS. It allows installers and integrators to quickly and easily add value and performance benefits to any security system. Rules use simple drop-down menus and clickable links to allow any features and functions of connected devices, status data or even the VMS itself to be used to create ‘cause and effect’ scenarios.

For example, the Rules engine can take any camera and use VMD, IVA, I/Os or other signals such as video loss to create triggers. It can use these alongside status information (time, date, etc.) and system information to generate very specific alarms. For example, if VMD is triggered on Camera 1 and a input received from a detection device within a five minute window while the site is closed for business, a specified action can be triggered.

Using AND/OR logical programming (via simple controls), criteria can be combined to allow bespoke solutions to be created in minutes without any need to write code or create Macros.

Is it just Rules?

The XProtect ‘+’ VMS packages not only include the Rules engine, but also boast a number of other additional features. These include support for H.265 video formats, hardware-accelerated video decoding, centralised management and Microsoft Active Directory support.

The XProtect ‘+’ versions of the software deliver true advanced flexibility and allow installers and integrators to deliver bespoke solutions regardless of the size and budget of a site. Security is enhanced and value can be added to all solutions. That in itself makes XProtect an even more compelling option for video management.

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