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Motorola Solutions Combines AI with an NVR as an All-in-One Solution

by Benchmark

As part of the Motorola Solutions Video Security and Analytics portfolio, Avigilon is committed to designing the technology of today with an eye towards shaping the future. Motorola Solutions offers the first and only mission-critical ecosystem of voice, video, software and services, providing Avigilon users with a wide range of technologies that work together to improve and streamline their security initiatives.

Motorola Solutions recently announced the newest addition to its video security and analytics portfolio, the Artificial Intelligence Network Video Recorder (AI NVR). The AI NVR combines the traditional Avigilon NVR with the capabilities of the Avigilon AI Appliance to provide enterprises with a solution that fulfils their analytic, storage and cybersecurity needs. The solution is cloud-connected, enabling remote management through Avigilon Cloud Services so that users can easily perform software upgrades and download new applications.

Rather than replacing an entire video security setup, users can now connect their existing camera system with the AI NVR to gain access to the Avigilon advanced analytics. This includes Avigilon Appearance Search Technology and Object Detection and Classification, as well as No Face Mask Detection and Occupancy Counting from the COVID-19 insights suite. The AI NVR is a comprehensive solution, enabling users to adopt the power of Avigilon’s neural network-based analytics while running on a hardened operating system that can be managed remotely.

‘The AI NVR is a game changer when it comes to helping enterprises achieve their security goals,’ stated John Kedzierski, senior vice president, Video Security and Analytics at Motorola Solutions. ‘We are providing a cost-effective option that enables our customers to become more efficient in their security efforts, resulting in a safer environment. By combining analytics and the cloud in an appliance that is easy to deploy and manage, security operators are able to make better informed decisions while streamlining their system management operations.’

With storage capacity between 6 and 48TB, and Maximum Record Throughput (Mbps) up to 900 Mbps, the AI NVR simplifies networking and installation of security systems by eliminating the need for dedicated analytics servers. It lowers the cost of ownership with a smaller footprint and lowers power consumption while delivering substantially better performance.


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