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Nedap: MACE

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Demand for access control systems that use mobile devices as credentials is growing, with many businesses and organisations looking for solutions that take this approach. Concerns over more traditional credentials, combined with simpler management of users, has driven the technology. In recognition of this need, Nedap Identification Systems has introduced MACE Smart, a reader for mobile credentials.

What is it?

The benefits of using mobile smart devices as access control credentials are manifold. Users like the fact that it reduces the time and expense of managing credentials for staff, personnel are already equipped with mobile devices in the corporate environment and new technologies are pushing mobile devices towards the high security levels of dedicated access control credentials.

As new applications are introduced into the mobile world, so these can be leveraged by businesses to further enhance the added value delivered by an access control system.

In recognition of this, Nedap Identification Systems has launched MACE Smart: a slim multi-technology reader for mobile access control.

The reader is the latest addition to the MACE platform, which consists of a cloud-based service, readers and apps. The MACE Smart reader enables the use of smartphones in any access control system. The reader is able to read virtual credentials on smartphones, but also reads conventional smartcards.

How does it work?

The reader links with an updated version of the MACE Admin Portal. This is used to distribute and revoke virtual access control cards. This new version also includes an API for seamless integration with any access control system to deliver future-proofed solutions.

MACE readers support BLE, NFC and QR-codes to identify people using virtual credentials. The credentials are stored in a MACE app. It can be used in combination with any access control system or any other system that requires the identification of people, such as parking management systems or registration systems.

Anything else?

MACE Smart is small enough to be mullion mounted. It has a slim design, ensuring it is suitable for applications where a discreet solution is required.

MACE Smart supports a variety of industry-standard protocols such as Wiegand, clock & data and serial connections including RS485. This enables seamless integration into any existing or new building access control system.

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