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New Academic Year: A good time to re-evaluate your school’s security system?

by Geny Caloisi

The school summer holidays are well underway. Without students on site, teachers and school leaders get the opportunity to refurbish infrastructure, update classrooms, and plan for the academic year ahead. This valuable time can also be used to tighten school security needs with smart access control systems.

Enhance School Security Camera Systems

Surveillance cameras and video management software are some of the most effective security equipment implemented in schools. In addition to providing high-resolution video footage of what occurs in and around a site, high-quality security cameras can monitor an area 24/7, triggering alarms and alerts when theft or vandalism can happen. They can also enable system users to view recordings in real-time and alert the relevant authorities if needed.

Integrating these cameras with an intelligent access control system such as Paxton’s Net2 gives schools optimal coverage and enhanced security features that enable them to identify and manage risk while keeping a site secure. 

Checkpoint Control, Occupancy Management & Thermal Scanners  

Net2 Checkpoint Control is a follow-up to Net2 Occupancy Management and integration with thermal scanners. As a result, all three features work seamlessly together to help reduce the risk of viruses spreading throughout populated areas.

Using Checkpoint Control, access can be verified manually or automatically, and a site can assign temporary access levels to one or more users. Checkpoints set to specific doors in designated areas will remain in place until the users’ identities have been verified. By doing so, school administrators can ensure that people pass through checkpoints at a frequency that suits and prevents overcrowding. An additional benefit of this tool is for registration purposes, with school administrators confirming which students have arrived for class without the need for a manual register. 

Net2 Occupancy Management offers enhanced user functionality; virtual traffic lights can be used on screens to indicate occupancy levels. As a result, traffic light hardware won’t be needed. Overcrowding and bottlenecks can be reduced using this alongside Checkpoint Control.

In addition, the Net2 software has the flexibility to split pupils and teachers between multiple checkpoints. This can be a useful tool at break times or school events as large groups moving or gathering simultaneously increases the risk of overcrowding. In case of an emergency, admins can use the Occupancy Management override. This means that selected people can enter an area at capacity should they need to, such as a first aider or senior manager.

Efficient Roll Call Reporting in Emergency

In an emergency or a fire alarm, it may be helpful to know which people were in the building when the alarm went off. There is a roll call report that can be generated automatically by Net2. When a fire alarm is triggered, a building manager can set designated muster points where pupils and teachers can gather safely to await further instructions.

The roll call report is dynamic, meaning that when people present themselves at a muster point, they can be marked as safe by presenting the credential to a nominated muster reader. An automated check-in system is more efficient than marking manually and can help adhere to health and safety protocols. 

Timesheets and Timelines Ease HR Management

Although Net2 is used predominantly for access control, one of the Pro software features is time and attendance. The system records this by calculating hours worked when people clock in and out. This can be a handy tool during term times but also during the holidays when teachers are working different schedules. Additionally, it is a great tool for managing the hours worked by supply teachers.

The interface is intuitive, simple, and easy to use, making the feature very reliable. Administrators can see who has clocked in and out by selecting specific time ranges. This allows the ability to check teachers in and out and give historical records should a safeguarding issue arise.

Using Net2 for timesheets offers flexibility. By adjusting the settings, users can customise timetables to their own needs. Variables such as pay rate, holidays and sick days can be selected. In addition, users can set up an automatic alert to monitor specific employees or categories if further action is required. For instance, managers could receive an email telling them which team members are on holiday or out of office and when each staff member clocks in.

Net2 also offers a timeline feature, a graphical representation of a timesheet. It has a straightforward, intuitive, and visual interface similar to a Gantt chart. By selecting and unselecting which categories to view, you can see any trends in sickness or determine if holiday requests are covered appropriately.

Paxton’s Net2 provides simple access control and attendance management, with integrated video surveillance, all in one place.

Learn more about the additional features that Net2 provides here.

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