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New rewards program for Paxton installers

by Geny Caloisi

Paxton has launched its brand-new installer loyalty programme, Paxton Rewards. The new program rewards Paxton installers for participating in product training, buying, and installing Paxton security solutions.

Paxton Rewards is now live in the Paxton Installer app and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or on Android Google Play. 

Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s Chief Sales Officer, says: “Three years ago, we launched the Paxton Installer app and so far, it’s been downloaded by over 25,000 users. This essentially addressed the first phase of the development of the programme in validating that the app was deemed useful. We now have the right vehicle to deliver what will be seen as a simple-to-use, loyalty rewards programme that matches our customers’ expectations of us offering the most up-to-date, smart access control solutions.”

Collect Points

With Paxton Rewards, installers can build strong partner relationships with the technology manufacturer and gain various benefits. Installers will be offered more benefits as they progress from Paxton Partner to Platinum Partner status, supporting them in promoting and building their businesses.

You can earn points by scanning any Paxton product with a silver barcode, attending training, or submitting case studies.

Gareth says: “We are huge believers in education and the provision of free training, so when people come to training, they will get points. Also, if they do a fantastic installation that they want to promote via a case study, they will get points by submitting it to us.

“So, the programme is not just about purchasing Paxton products, it is also about development through training and education, putting yourself in the shop window with case studies and being a true partner with us.”

Through Paxton Rewards, installers can access Paxton products, partner badges, and elevated listings on Paxton’s website. Installers can redeem Paxton branded merchandise and Amazon vouchers in the Paxton Rewards store.

Gareth says: “For the first time, installers can exchange points for Paxton products. This can add value to their customers and create a commercial advantage. We are keen to work closely with our installers and not only reward them with a programme for the products they buy, but also help them to develop new business by leveraging the Paxton brand themselves.”

Joining the programme not only rewards installers, but they will also have a chance to experience further the advantages of the recently updated Paxton Installer app.

Steve Rowlands, Divisional Director of Product Management at Paxton, explains: “Installers can access many useful resources via the app, including literature, product manuals, and installation tutorial videos.

“And what’s more, the content is stored in the app locally after being viewed. This is useful when installers are on site without Wi-Fi, as they can still view the materials to get the necessary instructions.”

Paxton Registered Installer Scheme members are automatically enrolled in the rewards programme.

Steve said: “The current Registered Installer accounts will be upgraded, and their points will be transferred to the new programme. Installers will keep their existing status or move up a tier as Paxton Rewards has different points values for scanning products.”

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