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Norbain announces blue fog for intruder detection

by Geny Caloisi
The ATM Security Division and Norbain announce a new partnership in Intruder Detection. ATM’s Defender Fog Device will be distributed by Norbain, which is a cost-effective, compact 12-volt blue fogging unit that enhances security in both offices and homes.

Mark Field, Norbain’s MD, said, “This is a fantastic, economical, out-of-the-box fogging solution which perfectly complements our existing Intruder Detection security solutions. It’s very easy to integrate into existing alarm systems and is supplied boxed and ready to install, so there’s no need for costly additional M&E work to get them connected.

“We’re pleased to have ATM on board and are speaking to installers focused across several sectors on their behalf, including banks, prisons, government, utilities and critical infrastructure.”

The units emit a unique blue fog to differentiate them from smoke, allowing the Police to enter your premises more quickly, knowing it’s safe to do so. They’re compact and lightweight, so they are ideal for a whole range of applications, including high-end residential, back offices, warehouses, garages & outbuildings, banks, railways and retailers, and remote or rural locations.

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