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Nortech Nedap uPASS

by Benchmark

With a high number of visitors accessing sites every day, care homes face numerous threats. Care home safety and security is a big issue, and protecting staff, patients, visitors and assets is a top priority. By installing access control systems, workers are able to manage a building while also carrying out functions such as time and attendance, staffing level management and parking management.

Care homes are targeted by criminals because they hold valuable goods such as computers and IT equipment and sensitive patient data, as well as the personal possessions of staff, visitors and patients. To combat this and deter thieves, a growing number of premises use access control to offer flexible protection.

Nortech offers a hands-free access control solution which is secure and user-friendly. This system uses Nedap’s uPASS access readers. Each member of staff is issued with a long-range (UHF) electronic ID badge. The badges are automatically read by the uPASS readers at a distance of up to two metres, allowing staff access without the need to physically present the card to the reader.

Advantages of this hands-free system include allowing staff to push trolleys or wheelchairs or to carry equipment, whilst also avoiding the spread of germs or viruses through constant contact with door handles.

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