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Nortech Variable Message Signs

by Benchmark

One of the areas often discussed when considering adapting security solutions to deliver added value for end users is signage. Digital signs can easily be integrated with a variety of applications such as counting, traffic flow analysis, ANPR and other systems to deliver benefits to businesses and organisations. Nortech has enhanced its counting systems with a range of variable message signs.

Digital signage remains a useful addition to any security-based smart solution. Security technologies do an unparalleled job of accurately tracking targets, counting vehicles, measuring flow and using logical programming to manage vehicular access dependent upon site conditions. Utilising that data to provide real-time information displays is a logical step.

As an IoT implementation, signage delivers a return on investment for end users. Nortech has supplemented its vehicle counting systems with a display designed to enhance the user experience.

What is it?

Nortech’s variable message signs are designed to enhance the manufacturer’s vehicle counting products.

The high-intensity, full colour LED signs are compliant with EN12966, and offer clear messaging which can be used to indicate the number of available spaces or to offer updated status messages to site visitors.

The display signage is contained in a robust weatherproofed aluminium housing, rated for moisture and dust ingress to IP65. The variable message signs can be supplied as either a compact, single display sign or as a single/multi-level information sign complete with customised artwork.

Multi-level signs are available with from two to five level counts as standard. Bespoke signage with specific count levels also available, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. The signage units can include corporate branding if required.

Each level display has 100mm high characters and can be viewed at distances of up to 50 metres with a 30 degree horizontal viewing angle. The signs have automatic luminance adjustment with the option of manual adjustment to match ambient light levels.

Integration options?

The signs can be used in standalone counting solutions when linked with NCT100 counting modules. They can also be deployed in full parking count management systems alongside NCT200 counting modules and the NorParc count management software. In shared occupancy applications, the displays need to be used with Nortech’s shared occupancy controllers (CPC202 and CPC204).

Each sign can display count values of up to five digits, with the option to display FULL when a count value falls below 1. The display options are set via the control module. The settings include display colours and an option to replace the count value with OPEN or SPACE when the count value is 1 or more.

Depending upon the application, up to eight individual displays can be connected on a single RS485 bus, each displaying a different count value.

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