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NVT Phybridge: Flex 4

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Making use of existing infrastructure remains a significant money-saving option for those designing and installing advanced solutions. A number of manufacturers offer solutions that allow this, and the NVT Phybridge FLEX range allows long-reach implementations with ease of deployment. With FLEX 4, the options are expanded.

What is it?

The FLEX range of long-reach switches from NVT Phybridge are well established and offer the ability to use legacy infrastructure for security and safety systems, along with other IP-based solutions such as telephony and audio-visual delivery.

The FLEX system is based around a managed switch which delivers fast Ethernet and PoE++ (50 watts per port) over multiple pairs of UTP cable with a transmission distance of up to 610 metres dependent upon system adaptor configurations.

FLEX 4 is a new adaptor that allows up to four devices to be linked to a single FLEX switch port. The FLEX 4 can supply 30W PoE to each device, allowing a higher degree of flexibility when designing system topologies for upgrades or expansions. It does this using a single long reach connection to the main switch, thus allowing multiple devices to be supported without the use of additional communications cabinets.

How does it work?

The FLEX 4 adaptor is connected to a single Cat5 cable from the FLEX 24 managed switch. As the FLEX system allows long reach connectivity, this is not restricted by the usual ethernet cabling limitations of 100 metres.

With the FLEX 4 connected to the managed switch over a long reach run, up to four end points can be connected from the adaptor. This allows a further 100 metre reach, with 30W PoE power available to each device.

This enables distributed sites to easily extend network topologies without the need for numerous communications cabinets. In applications where it is essential to keep the corporate network free of high bandwidth traffic such as video and audio, the FLEX family of products allow the creation of a cost-effective and easy-to-install dedicated network for video, audio, access control, alarms systems, etc..

Is installation complex?

The FLEX devices are plug-and-play devices designed with simplicity in mind. The managed switch makes use of RJ45 connections, and cables for long reach runs are simply plugged in. Status LEDs indicate correct operation. The FLEX 4 simply requires a LAN cable connection to the managed switch, power via a PSU, and outbound RJ45 connections to the various edge devices. There are no configuration required.

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