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NVT Phybridge: FLEX Extender Kits

by Benchmark

When updating to IP, businesses can now take full advantage of modern LAN principles (Frost and Sullivan Modern LAN principles are available at www.themodernlan.com), avoiding traditional LAN challenges as they look to connect IoT endpoints to IP applications.

NVT Phybridge designed the FLEX Family of PoE products to help customers efficiently upgrade to IP, eliminating cost, risk and complexity that comes with the 100 metre reach limitations of standard Ethernet switches.

The NVT Phybridge award-winning FLEX family delivers Ethernet and high-power PoE, up to 50W, over 2- or 4-pair UTP cable with 610 metre reach. NVT Phybridge recently introduced a new addition to the FLEX family, the FLEX-Base Extender.

The FLEX-Base, when paired with the FLEX-Link or FLEX4, creates a robust, single-port extender solution leveraging the downlink port of an existing PoE switch. In addition to being sold separately, the FLEX-Base Extender is available with a FLEX-Link or FLEX4 Adapter to make up single-port Extender Kits.

Built with flexibility and compatibility in mind, FLEX Extender kits work with any PoE switch brand to enable quick and easy deployment of IP endpoints over distances of up to 610 metres. That’s six times farther than a standard Ethernet switch, connecting up to 4 IP devices from a single UTP cable run.

The FLEX Extender kits are IoT certified. By reducing IDF closet requirements or eliminating the need to rip and replace an existing cabling infrastructure, modernisations to IP are made efficient and environmentally responsible.

Learn more and view a video on the FLEX Family.

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