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OPTEX launches QXI series sensors

by Benchmark

OPTEX has launched a range of general application outdoor intrusion sensors. The QXI series includes compact, outdoor sensors that provide a 12 metre detection area, up to 120 degrees in width. The sensors are specifically designed to be mounted at heights of up to 2.7 metres, making them less obvious to intruders and out of reach from vandals.

The QXI-DT has anti-blocking features (based on microwave technology) to detect intruders attempting to deliberately mask the detector.

The new Quad technology features a pyro element that has been redefined by OPTEX and supports a greater performance with a double layered detection in a compact design. The QXI series features Super Multi-Dimensional Analysis (SMDA) logic and Double Conductive Shielding for reliable sensing capabilities and greater tolerance against light and RFI. It allows for greater immunity against pets and can also be installed as a low mount PIR detector to create a ‘pet alley’ and further reduce the likelihood of nuisance alarms.

Masaya Kida, Managing Director of OPTEX EMEA, stated, ‘By analysing detection patterns and environmental information, SMDA improves immunity against various noise factors such as climate changes and vegetation sway, and can distinguish between the cause of nuisance false alarms and genuine intrusions.’

The QXI features an easy to open/close front cover. The compact design not only makes the device less visible to intruders but is also less intrusive. Other features include an Automatic Walk Test Mode which automatically starts when the cover is closed and returns to normal mode after three minutes.

The QXI series includes four models: two that are hardwired (QXI-ST and Dual-Tech QXI-DT) and two wireless (QXI-R and QXI-RDT). Power to the QXI-R /RDT can be shared through a common battery (CR123A) to the transmitter in the base of the device which can easily be swapped out/replaced when the need arises.

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